Welcome, we are up and running!

WHOA!! Thanks for holding in there with us, that was a wild ride. Website issues are never fun, but we are beyond blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people, including you! Thank you so much for the patience, love, support and cheering while we worked through this. Now it’s time to book those parties and appointments! You will notice a little while back we upgraded our appointment system. If you haven’t seen it yet you are in for a treat. We no longer have a waiting list for our busy times. Just keep an eye on the calendar and as soon as someone cancels or moves their appointment it becomes available. Clients are raving about it. Example: one of our clients had to wait a couple weeks for her appointment, she booked it anyways, then checked the calendar every day and was able to move it to the very next day. A couple weeks out turned into a 5 day wait. She was excited and I was excited for her. We can’t wait to hear from you too.

You will also notice up at the top that we have GIFT CERTIFICATES!!! And these ones are fancy. You can email them and or print them on your own card stock. The G.C. we all have been dreaming of. The perfect present for the holidays. Check it out, they are gorgeous. Happy holidays my friends.

Keep checking back, we are still adding stuff to the website. We just wanted to get back up and running and let you know that we are still here for you.

♥ xoxoxo

Crysta Lyon & the NSH team