Sending Reiki To The World (click for pic)

My sweet daughter took so much time and love to send reiki to the world in hopes for everyone to be well with COVID-19. She is such a sweetheart. We wish each one of you good health. With love, Crysta and little K Share 

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Breathing Through The New And Finding An Inner Balance

Photo Credit: Mathew Cook You already have what you need to get through this: it is your inner balance and knowing. How do we get there? How do we pause and breathe with so much going on? This new way of living can bring anxious feelings, especially when we are having to work out these […]

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Sending Endless Prayers For COVID-19

A beautiful pic of my children being adventurous and full of love (this is a few years old) I wanted to touch base and state that despite not being public about my views or feelings, I am praying and hoping for the best and thinking of each one of you daily, as well as praying […]

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Virtual Medium Party Discount

We have a special discount for you and your friends! The concept of gathering virtually has been around for a few years here at NSH. We have mastered it’s connection and have fallen in love with it’s ability to connect worldwide. But, now that social distancing is in order, and the concept is leaking out, […]

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