The week’s energy Oct 12 -16


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Some NSH announcements that you do not want to miss

Hey everyone, Crysta here I just wanted to drop in and let you know some exciting news! Wait . . . I know . . . we are all hoping I was going to announce some traveling. I wish! I really really wish that was the case, I miss you guys and the beautiful places […]

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A wave of light from my family to yours

My husband and I honoring and holding space for our angel babies tonight. We want to send you and your beautiful families light and love as well 💗 Crysta and Andy Lyon P.S. this picture had tears in my eyes. We realized that there were four light beams coming from the flame 😢 #itsasign although […]

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Create your own canvas of calmness

This quote came to me yesterday as I was thinking of the energy we have been in the last few weeks or for some, months. I think the key to all is knowing that no matter what we endure, we have a choice to create the life we desire. Some things we energetically outgrow. No […]

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