Today’s Vibe 06-14-19

Connecting To a Higher Power is today’s felt energy: The gateways to knowledge and connection with a higher source. The description of a higher source is known in our own experience: needs and love. However the feeling is all the same. A place to be guided, loved, cherished, forgiven and inspired. It seems that today’s […]

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Chakra Clearing – Today’s Theme

Each day I wake there is an energy theme to the day. I started with myself and noticed that I needed to clear my own chakra’s. I did this with a self meditation, releasing all energy blocks and energy imbalances within each chakra. I felt better and felt freer than I did when I first […]

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Male Cardinals – A Sign From The Other-Side ( Father Figures)

Many father figures ( Dad, Dad figure, grandfather, father in-law etc.) who have passed, bring us cardinals as a sign that they are still here for us, very attentive, loving and caring. I had seen this sign a lot with those who had passed, but I didn’t realize the deeper meaning of it, until we […]

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Testimonial Round-Up

We have been revamping the website! We are adding updated testimonials to the website soon! If you would like to be featured on our website, you can leave your testimonial below (we will copy and paste it to the website) or email us at ( If you email us, we can keep it anonymous if […]

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