New Appointment Hours! Look At All Those Evening Appointments!

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Yes! today’s energy is lighter, we made it!

Get the party hats and streamers! We have finally hit a spot energetically where our souls can rest. We made it through the muck! The energy has been real lately and that is a major understatement. A few things I have noted these last few days is that the universe and our loved ones have […]

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Jacksonville Fl . . . It’s time to party!

It is official: we are offering bookings for Psychic medium parties and card readings in Florida, making your gatherings unique, healing and fun. Check out the details below. If you have already hosted or have attended a party in Jacksonville, please email us the party host’s name, and we will send you a special code, […]

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Trust Your Path

Today’s Oracle card :“If you knew you would be supported what would you do?” When you deeply think about this, you will see that so many times we won’t follow our intuition, dreams or guidance from our loved ones on the other side, because we need concrete evidance that we are going to be okay. […]

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