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Breathing Through The Tears

*Taking a slow breath in and out* One of the most important things we can remember, and do for ourselves, is to breathe. Sometimes this is all we can do, and what we should ask of ourselves. Life has turns, bumps and wild, emotional waves. *Breathing in and out* Centering our soul, grounding our heart, […]

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Traveling Announcement

Daily, we get inquiries regarding traveling to Idaho And Montana. We wanted to make a public announcement; while Crysta would love to make it to both places ( she had plans to) for a memorial in Montana, and to visit “home”, that she is unable to at this point in time, and had to cancel […]

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2019 Energy Insight Has Been Right On Point

I did a segment right before the New Year; “The energy that each month will hold in 2019”. It truly has been blowing me away to look back at this particular segment, and it seems to be ringing true every month. It’s amazing, and if you take a look at the months ahead, it gets […]

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