Receiving – sprinkled with trust, love, and light – By Crysta Lyon

The happiest Tuesday to you! May you fill your energy bubble with energy,  love, trust, and dreams after this long weekend. You have worked so hard to be where you are, even if you are unsure where that is. This week is all about receiving, but maybe not in the ways you expect. Keep your […]

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Be Love

Be love! Don’t allow this experience to dim your light or dreams. So often we can feel like we have lost ourselves do to the circumstances around us. Don’t become those circumstances. I know, sometimes it feels easier to glide with the emotion around us, but then you will be fighting against your own current […]

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The first hour – conscious decision By Crysta Lyon

I believe being conscious of what you do in the first hour of each day is crucial. It is your manifestation mechanism. It plants seeds for your day. Each moment we open our eyes and what runs through our hearts and mind create the energy and flow for that day. It is so important to […]

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This weeks vibe May 18th 2020

This weeks vibe and message is filled with hope: The change you have been working on and manifesting either internally or externally is ready to go into full bloom with remarkable results. Remember that everything is energy and flows, so when we hear such exciting news try not to fill in the pieces or details […]

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