Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – Unstoppable

I see you! I can spot a superhero in a matter of seconds. My definition of a superhero may differ from most, but there should be recognition for those who … Continue reading Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – Unstoppable

Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – Alignment

Ah, the tugs and pulls of the universe and the physical can be so confusing and derailing when you are an empath, but when you surrender to the balance of … Continue reading Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – Alignment

Today’s Affirmation – Open To LOVE

(singing) Love! Love! Love! Did you know that even when it comes to love, our energy, fears, and projections can block us from experiencing true love? It's true! Of course, … Continue reading Today’s Affirmation – Open To LOVE

Today’s Affirmation – Walking Peacefully

Good morning soul friend,An excellent tip I learned long ago for walking a lighter path, especially if you are an empath, is realizing that you don't have to hold the … Continue reading Today’s Affirmation – Walking Peacefully

Today’s Affirmation – Glowing with Abundance

Good morning friend; you are glowing with abundance and gratitude! Look at you. I am so proud of you for caring for yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. Sometimes that’s a … Continue reading Today’s Affirmation – Glowing with Abundance

Today’s Affirmation – Finding Balance

Good morning friends,In total honesty, I was flustered with a new routine and keeping time this morning, and my immediate thought was, "This is not how I wanted this to … Continue reading Today’s Affirmation – Finding Balance

Todays Affirmation – Validation & Confirmation

Good morning,  Sometimes simple is better; today, we need to know how much we are loved and guided. Today will be a great day to receive endless validations. Remember saying, … Continue reading Todays Affirmation – Validation & Confirmation

The first hour – conscious decision By Crysta Lyon

I believe being conscious of what you do in the first hour of each day is crucial. It is your manifestation mechanism. It plants seeds for your day. Each moment … Continue reading The first hour – conscious decision By Crysta Lyon