Gratitude Splashed With A Lot Of Love

I can’t thank you enough for all the well wishes, prayers, sweet updates, and uplifting texts to help get me through what I could honestly say was the hardest thing I have ever had to go through physically. These last few months have been very trying, but I am humbled by all the insight and things I have energetically learned along the way. I knew I was strong, but I had no idea I was that strong. For those that don’t know, in July, I went from celebrating N.S.H.’s tenth anniversary in Boise (it was unbelievable!) followed immediately by a severe emergency back operation. We can all giggle when I say, I did not see that coming!, but what I can say is that I have the most supportive, loving, and understanding clients and family. I could never ask for more. I feel very blessed. And words can’t match my gratitude to Mr. Lyon for taking care of me and helping me gain strength daily. I am also very grateful for my surgeon, his team, and the physical therapist who helped me in one of my most vulnerable moments. They even put me in a suite with a Florida view! I was pampered like no other. 
So needless to say I am beyond thrilled to be back and connecting with each one of you!

Crysta Lyon

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