Yes! today’s energy is lighter, we made it!

Get the party hats and streamers! We have finally hit a spot energetically where our souls can rest. We made it through the muck! The energy has been real lately and that is a major understatement.

A few things I have noted these last few days is that the universe and our loved ones have really been highlighting our inner gifts, wants, manifestations and dreams. In doing so, we are very guided to take care of ourselves, believe in ourselves, forgive ourselves, and completely love ourselves. Sometimes, this can be hard especially if we like taking care of others. We will put ourselves last. However, our loved ones wanted that state of mind switched, putting us first and everything else after. Say you still feel heavy today: surrendering our thoughts, expectations and details will allow guidance to come in and show us our truth and healing, allowing that flowiness and lightness, that many are feeling today.

Yesterday’s energy was a bit rough; it was prying our truths out. Some of it was pretty, while the rest, not so much. The main key here was to live being you! Letting go of the old you, the patterns, the ancestral patterns, and being the highest vibration of it all. Even if your story has been hard or your family life has been real, this energy was showing you to rise above the chaos, and creating peace and love in your life by being your authentic self, or changing the patterns.

Another ah ha! With this energy it reminded us that we can’t change anyone, heal anyone or make anyone do anything. Each person is on their own creative journey. Even if we can see more for them, perhaps where they are stuck or how they are blocking, etc. We still cant do it for them, and you might have seen that some don’t even want to hear or recognize it. HOWEVER, instead of bringing it to the surface, we can be the example in doing stuff for ourselves and being that prime example. The people around us will see this, love this and maybe even try it themselves, or even possibly not currently. Guess what? It’s all okay, no matter what they choose. We learn great lessons in all we do, create, block and hesitate on. If your journey and healing differs, don’t let others journey, be a hinder meant to your own. Spread no judgement, instead only light, love and prayers. This is how we can soulfully help each other and cheer each other on, without having to bring up wounds, patterns, or the heavy..

Enjoy the lightness of today, be creative, active and follow that inner you, what ever it may be always saying, just be you!

Love, Happiness And A Breath Of Fresh Energy And Insight,

Crysta Lyon

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