World Wide Web Medium Event – not a social medium event

If you are a Newsletter holder, you were invited and attended a spectacular event over a week ago. Crysta put on a FREE medium event for VIP holders. This event was beyond beautiful, and the reviews and feedback were more than we dreamed of. Crysta announced something pretty special. WORLDWIDE MEDIUM WEB EVENTS! Bringing medium events to you, in the privacy of your own home. Details below! You won’t want to miss this opportunity. We are taking technology to a whole other level.
Connecting with our loved ones is beautiful, and its surroundings should reflect that. Crysta has come up with a way that everyone can feel comfortable in their own environment (this is where we go to grieve, feel safe and heal). So, why not bring the event into your space. This way everyone can have the opportunity to connect. We will bring the event to you via the web (THIS IS NOT A SOCIAL MEDIA EVENT, WE HAVE A SEPARATE LINK THAT WE WILL GIVE YOU, GIVING EVERYONE THE ABILITY TO CONNECT IN PRIVACY.) Because the events are only audio, the audience can cry without hesitation. This is a live event. Everyone one who has purchased a ticket can hear your live reading, giving more of a connection and confirmations to many in the audience. This creates a bonding, healing and unforgettable moment with our loved ones. Hassle free and no venue fees! When signing up, you are not guaranteed a reading. Crysta will randomly pick people out of the audience. If you have been to an event or party, you know how efficient and entertaining Crysta’s presence and events are. They are unforgettable. I hope you will join us in the special event that will be happening this Saturday! You can purchase tickets from here, and we will send you the link to signup and join the event.
October 6th, 2018
10:00 am – 12:00 pm EST
$18 per device (this is the amazing part as you just need one ticket per device. Your family can watch with you on your physical device, no links are to be shared)
* 2 hr event with Crysta, connecting with loved ones who have passed
* No one is guaranteed a reading, she will randomly pick people out of the audience. You are paying for the entertainment.
* This is for entertainment purposes only.
* No recording of any kind