Appointment Types

Crysta has been blessed with a beautiful gift to sense and communicate with things beyond our physical world. This form of entertainment has been a blessing for many. Crysta connects with the spirit world, bringing unique messages from loved ones on the “other side.” Crysta’s gifts have gained popularity due to the traveling that lead her around the entire country in an R.V. with her family in tow, that started in 2014. She has since slowed way down on traveling. Occasionally she will travel, but this is never promised or expected, even when talked about. She has only found one true way to keep up with her growing client base and this is virtually and by phone. She loves every moment of it. She can be in several places in one day. Her clients have also found great comfort in having their appointments virtually as this allows them to be in the comforts of their own space, but also have the one on one feel.

Crysta has been interviewed on radio shows and has made appearances in several areas around the country. Her dedication, love, and passion will make you feel like an old-time friend. She loves sharing her gift, and it is noted in her presence. Come and join us, you can find Crysta on many of the social networks where she interacts with the community. Below is a list of the appointment types.

Phone And Virtual Appointments

Phone: Crysta will call you at the scheduled time and date. Please make sure we have your correct phone number. If you are unsure, you can look under your account or email us at We would rather you give it to us twice, then not at all.

If you are outside of the country additional fees and connection will be the responsibility of the client, when making international calls.

Virtual Appointment (video chat – very popular):  We proudly introduce a simple way to have a one on one with Crysta. The new and reliable system we use brings you face to face with Crysta, no matter where you are in the world. Our customers have been raving about the new connection. We will send you the virtual link a few days before your appointment. We strongly advise that you click on the link and get familiar with the program, before your session. Depending on your device you may be one click away or you may have to download the free app. All info will be directly emailed to you. So far this is has had many reviews and likes for simplicity and connection.



** ((( Friendly Reminder ))) Our booking system will automatically put in your time zone so your appt will show it in your time. The same happens on our end. We go by MST, it will show all my appts in MST. But, remember if you set the time zone yourself, for someone else, or even book it in a different state and then go back to another state, your time will be off. Please make sure to double-check your time zone. You can do this by logging in and looking at the info you put in. We cannot change your time zone or fix it on our end.

Appointment Add-Ons – NEW

(You will find the drop-down selection at the check out page after you have selected an appointment) Shown below in red. The blue circle is where you will enter your discount or offer code or redeem an e-card (gift certificate).

White Light Meditation ($40)

You can add this option to an existing virtual or phone appointment

This short personalized meditation is a technique to help guide you on how to clear your energy line, promote balance, less stress, and ground yourself within just moments. Learn how to put a protective energy bubble around you as well. This is the white light meditation that Crysta is known for. A great introduction to meditation, energy, and intention. Please make sure that you are in a quiet, peaceful environment before your appointment starts. Being at work, kids running around, driving, or among a high vibration area, could be very distracting. She will show you how simple and effective this “spiritual tool” is. She uses it on a daily basis.
*Please note that this is an introductory rate
*All experiences and outcomes vary. You are paying for the experience and knowledge of how energy, meditation, and intention works and is very well known with spiritualist all over the world.

Chakra Cleansing ($40)

* You can add this option to an existing virtual or phone appointment

Guiding you in this beautiful meditation, energetically clearing your chakra’s. There are seven main chakras, which align the spine, starting from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. it is essential that our seven chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid. If there is a blockage, energy cannot flow. This can cause us to feel off-balance, lost, moody, emotional etc. Crysta will walk you through this beautiful and well known spiritual practice. You can find a ton of information on each meditation. They are both well known in the spiritual community.*Please note that we are all different, everyone’s experience will vary. You are paying for the knowledge and experience and may or may not physically feel the energy alignment.

Three Card Oracle Reading ($25)

* You can add this option to an existing virtual or phone appointment $10 cheaper, by being an add-on, to an appointment instead of purchasing it singly.

An Oracle card deck is very simple and thoughtful. Offering beautiful inspiration and art to give us hope and confirmation for everyday questions, life, guidance, etc. Oracle cards vary and are meant to give guidance,  yet open to individual interpretations, easing our hearts with confirmation of our own intuition. Crysta has several decks that she uses. Sometimes the cards can come from one deck specifically or multiples. She is guided spiritually each time. She will over the cards during your reading and then email a PDF of the three cards that were picked during your appointment along with the PDF’s of the explanations, within 24 hrs after your appointment.

Add A Person To Your Appointment ($25)

We understand that sometimes we need a companion, spouse, or friend with us during our session to either get a reading from the same people or just for support. Because each session is only intended for one individual, make sure that you add a person to your appointment.

  • We can still connect via facetime if you have a smartphone. Please email us to let us know that this is your virtual appointment preference. 
  • If time is of the essence please feel free to reach out and see if we can bump you up (Example: hospice, illness, etc) We do set up special occasion phone calls, before weddings for the groom, bride, or both please email us if you don’t see your special date or time available.  Email: with the date, time, and time zone that you would like along with the type of occasion. 

When booking an appointment, please make sure to double-check . . .

  • That your time zone is correct – If you pick the wrong time zone or are in a different time zone when booking your session, your time will be off
  • Please provide us with an accurate and complete phone number
  • Please provide us with an email that you check often – This is how we communicate and alert you of any cancellations, emergencies or if we need any other additional information.

Our goal is to make your appointment stress-free and as beautiful as we can.  Thank you for helping us, and we look forward to your meeting.

Friends and Family Hour (up to 3 guests can attend your one hr session with you)

A dedicated hour to have your friends & family with you, during your session. For support or to hear from the same people, you are hoping to hear from.
It is fun and exciting to bring the people you love to something so special.

*** You may have up to 3 guests join you in your hour

Virtual Parties 


  • 1 hr group reading (Crysta will channel guests for one hour straight) $200 invite as many guests as you would like
  • 2 hr group reading (Crysta will channel guests for two hours straight) $300 invite as many guests as you would like
  • Free Test To Make Sure That Your Virtual Connection Is Strong And Reliable
  • Don’t see a date that works? That’s okay to drop us an email, Crysta will try and make it work. We don’t want to miss your special date. This includes holidays, nights, and weekends. Email: with the date, time, and time zone that works for you and we will get back to you soon.

Brought to the surface, by popular demand. We use an amazing program that can hold many guests in the same virtual space, no matter if your guests are all over the world, they can meet us on their own device  (This is what it looks like when they are all on different devices, in the above picture). Technology is amazing and we embrace it fully here at NSH. The possibilities are endless but allow Crysta to drop into a party taking place anywhere in the world, virtually. It’s incredible, beautiful and brings no difference in her ability, entertainment, or gifts. It can be held on a big screen, huddle around a computer, or come in on separate devices. The experience will always be beautiful, healing, one of a kind and at times hysterical. This just goes to show that time and space are irrelevant. Spirit can be present no matter the situation, event, or special occasion.

We can do a test run before your party date to ensure a smooth and memorable experience.

Crysta specializes in parties making each one unique and special. She has had baby showers, before wedding family meet and messages, bridal showers, girls night, and or weekend. You can split the price with your friends and enjoy a night together. The party ideas are endless!

Three Card Oracle Reading ($35) during COVID $25

Now back by popular demand, you can purchase your three-card oracle reading on our BOOK NOW (scroll past the booking calendar to find it or click HERE for this tutorial on how to purchase it). An Oracle card deck is very simple and thoughtful. Offering beautiful inspiration and art to give us hope and confirmation for everyday questions, life, guidance, etc. Oracle cards vary and are meant to give guidance,  yet open to individual interpretations, easing our hearts with confirmation of our own intuition. 

If you would like Crysta to appear at your next event, fundraiser, healing retreat, media event, or even for a t.v. appearance or interview please contact us at traveling expenses and fees may apply.



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Update: Not all trips are announced to newsletter holders, as some trips are privately funded.

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E-Cards Available

(E-cards are currently not available at this time, we apologize for any inconvenience) 

Our e-cards have changed!. We use to carry paper ones, and now everything is electronic. Hassle-free holidays!. YAY!. If you go to availability ( push the Gift Certificate button) and pick a perfect e-card ( multiple types). Enter the receiver’s email, pick domination ( they can spend it on anything that is currently available on the booking calendar)  lovely message, and then send it right away via email. A few short steps to a beautiful and unforgettable gift. Click HERE for a youtube tutorial.

Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC Release and Waiver

  •  I acknowledge that Crysta Lyon / Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC is a Psychic Intuitive and Spiritualist and is in private practice to provide mental/emotional/physical/spiritual support using these healing formats including but not limited to various forms of energy healing modalities.
  •  I understand that Crysta Lyon/ Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC is not a medical professional and that she neither practices medicine nor takes the place of medical treatments or evaluations. Everything should always run through talked with your physician.
  •  I understand alternative healings are complementary therapies and are not a substitute for standard chiropractic, dental, medical, mental health or psychotherapy treatment, etc.
  •  I realize it is my responsibility and choice to continue ongoing medical treatment, therapies until otherwise advised by my primary care physician.
  •  I understand that if I am taking medications, it is important to stay in close communication with my primary care physician.
  •  I understand that all sessions, parties and events of any kind offered by Crysta Lyon / Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC  have a no refund policy, including energetic scans and customized healing sessions. Once any appointment and or party is completed and has been paid for, there are no refunds. There are no refunds for “no shows” as well.
  •  I understand that everyone’s session results will be different. Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person. She promises nothing as energy works on its own ability.
  • I understand that Crysta / Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC Medium abilities are for entertainment only. I will not hold Crysta / Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC responsible for any information given and even following parties and events and actions afterword.
  • I understand that the appointments are never a replacement for any other profession. A financial adviser, any legal profession, vet, etc. It is your responsibility to run all legal, medical and personal guidance through a professional, and you will not hold any information is coming in, liable for your actions. You are agreeing that you will seek professional advice before making any decisions.
  •  I warrant I am not under duress at this time and my consent is given voluntarily and without coercion.
  •  In consideration of the services, information, and support I have received or will hereafter receive from Crysta Lyon / Nomadic Spiritual healings LLC, I hereby hold harmless Crysta Lyon / Nomadic Spiritual healings LLC from any or all liability in consequence of such services, information and support given, and release and waive all claim for damage howsoever incurred or to be incurred, as a result of such services, information, and support.
  • I have read this Release and have shared it with all my guest when hosting a party before signing and or accepting a session via in person, e-mail, phone, virtually or event ticket, etc from Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC / Crysta Lyon and I understand its effect.
  • We understand that individual circumstances are unavoidable and cancellation may be necessary. Please email us at to cancel or reschedule your appointments. Remember, any cancellation and rescheduling can be done 24 hrs before your meeting. Neglect in doing so within 24hrs, you will lose your full payment.
  • Nomadic Spiritual Healings has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time, no questions asked.
  • Nomadic Spiritual Healings has all rights to change any or all plans as they come or change.
  • Recording of any kind is forbidden when attending any appointments, event or interactions. However, you are aware that in Live events with NSH can be recorded and NSH does have the full right to take clips from the live event and share them in any way seen fit. You are aware of this and agree to it’s entirety.

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