What are you holding and reflecting – Mirroring Reflection

Our body holds all. Stories, pain, past, experience and the future, but did you know that it also reflects all that we carry, even the things we don’t want to recognize or talk about. The more we hold, the more we reflect and manifest. Example, holding on to pain, reveals the pain and when reflecting, it causes more to come your way. Stress is the same. The best case in reflecting is the saying “uh oh you woke up on the wrong side of the bed” means you have already decided to have a bad day, your day will reflect your emotion and bring back to you, what you are feeling and seeing. The opposite can happen when we have a good day. Everything goes right; we run into strangers with the same energy and reflection. It’s happy, smooth, inspirational and vibrant. How about low self-esteem, same scenario, if we reflect it, others will act upon it. It is just the law of attraction. That’s why they say it is so important to be mindful of what you are holding and what you are releasing. We create our day, our moment and our story. The awareness alone will help you make a new reflection.
What is in your mirror? How do you reflect? Mantras are very useful if you keep reminding yourself to stay on track and reflect goodness, that you will. – Crysta Lyon

Todays Mantra – Credit: Louise Hay

“I am on an ever-changing journey” – “My life is never stuck or static or stale, for each moment is NEW and FRESH. Every ending is a new point of beginning.

Side note: By Crysta Lyon
Did you know that antique mirrors hold the energy from its surroundings, that is why it is so important to clean them with sage or bless them with prayer. It removes the connection, power, and bad vibe. Releasing it. If you were to have a “dirty” mirror in your home, it has been known to cause depression, influence us in different ways, etc. Another excellent example of what our “inner mirror” can hold. Be aware of your surroundings, thoughts intention and connection as it is all a reflection of the life you live. Be pure. Be you. Reflect what you desire. – Crysta Lyon