What I Think 2017 Brought, And What 2018 Will Bring



As I walk away from last year and into 2018, I have to say that energetically speaking 2017 was different, but insightfully amazing. Some would say it was hard and never-ending. Other’s would say it was freeing, while I think I would say it was full of knowledge and learning. We just had to stay in the right perception to receive all that was coming at us on a positive note and not a negative one. Detailed awareness is much needed when healing your own story and path. Paying attention to all details, no thought just being completely aware.

In my thoughts and opinion, the last few years have been a lot of self-healing and realization of who we are and what we are made of. Building boundaries for self-love and healing. Our experiences, pains, emotions, surroundings, family, etc.  all helped us see who we once were or was once told to be. This could have been a bit startling if your build up or past was toxic, but it was needed so that you could heal deeply. What is it that truly sets you free, makes you happy and gives you all the energy and passion? That is your purpose and key to life.  While I think 2016, was about letting go of the toxic, I think 2017 was all about seeing our own toxic, speaking up for ourselves and building a foundation where we can genuinely heal, it felt a little lonely, but being alone gives us time to dig deep and see things for what they are not what we are hoping or someone else is hoping for it to be. It also tested all our relationships, to figure out which ones were strong enough to keep for this upcoming journey. You may have walked away or perhaps they did. That could have been an eye-opener, and maybe it was even hard to swallow on who we had to let go, but trusting and knowing that energy is real and those who we surround ourselves are the same as our reflection. If you want something different, your surroundings will change including the people we spend it with, but always staying in great gratitude for the time they were there, the lessons and the teachings that were also involved.  It’s not an easy task, to look at yourself, your doings and or behaviors under a microscope, but if you just allow the awareness, with no judgement, you can see pieces of yourself, that maybe we had looked over or maybe we even thought was normal, because we were raised that way. Every bit of awareness and insight brings us closer to truly loving ourselves. Which in my own story I found to be the ticket to everything. I was always an outside seeker, thinking that this would heal me when in reality I had no idea, which the more I got to know my self, the more I healed, the more I loved and the more I lived. 2017 was all about pausing and hunkering down to allow healing and thought to run it’s course, being aware and owning our story, even the ugly parts. 2018 will be all about action, dreaming, manifesting and doing. Breaking those chains and locks of life and allowing yourself to live life to it’s fullest no matter what you have been through or what you have created. The fork in the road is always present; it just takes us to realize that this is our story and we are 100% in charge, and we get to choose in detail what that life looks like. Maybe it is beautiful, sad, maddening. It’s all a choice. We may not be able to decide when we are young, but we have no excuse when we are older. We can let our experiences define us or allow them to build us closer and closer to the light ( our truth, our story and our gift to share with the world). Don’t get stuck in 2018, wondering what happened these last few years, but stay in gratitude for the enlightenment, lessons and offerings and know that we are at the beginning of the beautiful. Last years quote was ” Chaos brings beauty.” This year, so far is ” Our thoughts become our reality” Be mindful. Work hard on thinking positive and be thankful for all that has happened, as without it you would never be who you are today.  Pause before you react and remind yourself that every reaction builds this years story and if you are building an amazing one, you want to pay attention to your every move. Will this bring me closer to my dream? Is it positive? Are my surroundings supporting my dreams? Does it build me up or tear me down?. All things to be mindful of.

Spiritual “tools” That I have found very useful.

* Continuasiouly clearing out my chakra’s. They were getting hit several times a day. So, I had to stay on top of it.

* Meditation and or quiet time. Time alone is blissful, the universe and our loved ones can help guide us without distraction.

* Crystals and rocks. If you are a believer in them, this is a much-needed tool. Get out there and try new ones. I use them like crazy. Even if you’re not into them or understand them, just going into a store, picking out ones you’re attracted to and then read their spiritual connection and or healing, will blow your mind.

* Bubble Up! How to protect your energy. So important, no matter where you are in life. Here is a video of how to do this here.

* Excercise. Not for the ego, but to help let go of built up energy and emotion. If you are depressed, grieving, anxiety, you are holding too much, you need to find a way to release it i.e.  Golf. Yoga. Running. Training. Hiking, etc

*Food. Paying attention to what foods make you feel good, not what you think is good for you, because each person is built differently. This was VERY interesting. I even found some foods gave me depression. That’s an eye opener all on its own!

Happy New Years! May your resolutions set you free and build you up for a beautiful journey.


Crysta Lyon