We have all the “tools” needed to get us through this next chapter

The hope, inspiration and love that came pouring out from the 2020 grid that I did for the insight and energy of the new year was outstanding. It brought much joy and uplifting hope from the prior hardships and lessons that 2019 had given. I was ecstatic at the findings and uplifting change we were going to endure. As the months passed by I had not shared my work, as I felt a stop energetically to hold off from showing my form of art. Not even a live event celebrating the new year. It was baffling, but as I have learned, I just go with the flow and time will tell and the info will flow when needed. However, I didn’t remember that advice when I needed to. Only a select few had seen it all (the grid), but with no detail given. All that is seen is a grid of hope. The reflection of the universal language differed from what we were seeing physically. Had I instinctively pulled the wrong cards? Was I off? Why did the energy differ so much? Why didn’t I see this pandemic coming? Or was it that deep-seated doubt that I was born with that had me doubting my ability to pull such beauty? I have always been one even in the darkest moments, being able to see the light and keep plunging forward in hope. This was no different, and even today I have to remind myself that we are all on this journey of healing, and there will be times we doubt, fear and simply freak out. It is the light we need to concentrate on, not the binding emotion that universally is shown for growth and enlightenment. It is the lesson to trust one’s self and journey. It dawned on me at that point of time that our expectation on smooth sailing and perfect is too great. To show in detail what one may have to go through to get there. That would have scared most of us off, or potentially provoked more havoc. Hence the universal movement to deal with what is in front of us. Could you imagine “A pandemic! A global sickness killing thousands!” Our instincts and conditioned states of minds would have panicked and brought even more fear and destruction. In depths of grief, we explore deep-seated knowledge of one’s self and the clarity it brings to go through such hard times. The gratitude, lessons, and depths of new knowledge for one’s self that is left when we awaken to the reality and that it is us that can get us through the hard times. ( spiritual tools, third parties, counselors, knowledge are all intertwined.) It is us who can change within a second and act differently or according to each scenario given. It is up to us to see the light in all situations given. Sometimes the situation isn’t even a situation at all. At times, the universe has a sweet and gentle way of pushing us firmly to believe in ourselves. I fully believe that the past year’s triumphs and hardships in 2019 were getting us ready for this moment in time. What did you learn about yourself? What are your new strengths? What are your new ways of thinking, or what are your new patterns of living? Didn’t that feel beautiful to find and embrace? Now, the universe is simply asking why would you discard this trust and love you found just because there’s a pandemic and fear? REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. Many of us felt the top of the mountain, which then a forceful change came and we doubted how far we came. Our dreams or hopes seemed to be on hold. Are those dreams real, or is it but an illusion? It could be possible that it is set here to show you more details on how to access it. I will say it again; our patterns and daily routines won’t hold our new way of living. Instead, that was the energy and doing we needed before we saw more. THE NEW is what will bring us the clarity and depths of who we are, and what we are simply meant to do.

Sad things happen. Life can bring us to our knees, but it is the underlining beauty we need to grasp, not the emotional state it may bring. All painful beginnings bring beautiful endings. This may not be something we want to see or hear when we are floating in the middle of it all. When you think of this deeply, in so many case scenarios this rings true. How many times did you pull through and things worked out when you didn’t think they would? We can’t stop things from happening. However, with our actions, light, and hope we can rise above it and do our best for what we are given. This can help us find new ways to adjust and bring the best out of everything we say and do. We are given that choice and right to universally change in our highest potential.

“Stillness will help you through” This is what I keep hearing. When we are still in our thoughts, we give our energetic bodies a moment to align with beauty, harmony, and love. Doing this, no matter the current scenario, we can act in ways that will hold this beautiful alignment. Our perception is everything. Our intention and thoughts run the storyline. The more we can ground in the state of now, and think no farther or less ( going into the past) we will be able to make difficult decisions and be more apt to change in our highest good, rather than we would if we were stuck in the egoic state of fear. That state paralyzes our whole being. To get the clarity and insight, it takes practice and no judgment from oneself. You explore to find things in your daily that inspire you, keep you motivated and loving life. Most of all, it is to be okay to see the opposite, then gently change the patterns to be more magnificent. That is courage, beauty and the now. The present moment will be healing to us all. I believe it is because of the pandemic. We reside in our homes, where the majority feel safe and comfortable to live, think, and do according to their own heart pull. No influential energy around us, just our own. This is where we can dream, heal and create. “Go big, you are home.” Who are you? How far have you come? Did you know that your story and strength is beautiful? We all have a story, which can come with scars that we cover daily, but it is to the point where now we can share this all with one another without saying anything at all. This will be fully uncovered by what we do every second of the day, taking advantage of this sacred time and place to fully explore who we are, and what we are capable of doing to fill a life with meaning and great love. It’s new, exciting and that grid was INSPIRING. Everything is uncertain, except for the beautiful light and truth of love the resides in each one of our hearts. It is time to believe in oneself. We are all worthy. We are all ready. We are willing to live a life with beautiful eyes, a magnificent soul and wounds that share tales of strength and triumph. Come one, come all.

So no further or do, here is a “part ” of the grid I can share. (in due time and energetically I will show more additions as the time feels right) With gratitude and love and inspiration, I thank Louise Hay and Denise Linn for creating such beautiful oracle cards that I could use in the intention of what 2020 will hold energetically.

Card credit: Denise Linn and Louise Hay

January: Stepping into power. The month that I was calling the “bipolar month” with a grin and laughter of course. It almost felt like a roller coaster ride. This month was all about taking your power back. Standing in your own light. Making boundaries. So many lessons and truths were coming out at this time. We received gentle change for those who were givers, which who were learning to be receivers at this time. That was a beautiful and uplifting change for both encountering this transition. “The challenges you face are making you stronger. You no longer need to live your life for others. Yet, if you choose, your light can illuminate the path for those who walk beside you.” – (Denise Linn)

February: Grounding. “go deep explore your roots.” “A time to ground yourself in what is truly essential.” “Remember what is important in life and let go of everything else.” “Things may not be as they seem” – (Denise Linn’s Oracle Deck). A month to stay in the now, releasing all patterns that forced us to grasp on the future or past as they were no longer serving our highest good. It was time to come out of our cacoon and be who we truly are.

March: Great Adventure “taking a risk to venture forward. At the end of your life, you are more likely to regret the things you didn’t do that the things you did do. Take risks. Not every risk enables success. However, if you don’t try, you’ll never know what remarkable experiences were available to you. By stepping out of your comfort zone you will discover new talents and abilities. “Playing safe, in the long run, is no safer than venturing forth with glee.” – (Denise Linn)

April: In the flow. “everything is smooth sailing” Let go of the shore. Enter the flow. You’re moving into a period of gracious ease and flow. Everything is falling into place, as you aren’t resisting the drift of the great river. Enjoy the ride. This isn’t the time to control the events in your life. Let the creator support you. You don’t have to do it all yourself. “The glory of the universe flows through you.” – (Denise Linn)

In the grid, I had also scattered cards that were used for “what we need to remember in 2020. The cards are below.

“I heal My Self on All levels” “I have unlimited potential” “I am willing to only see my magnificent” – All by Loise Hay affirmation cards

Relationships, harmony, and passion will as well be significant and powerful in 2020.

Thank you for taking this moment with me. I am excited to reveal more as the time comes. I wish you all a beautiful and very healing journey.

“When we walk together in light, we light the world with hope, love and healing. We accomplish it together, yet apart to make it as one”

Crysta Lyon