Virtual Medium Party Discount

We have a special discount for you and your friends! The concept of gathering virtually has been around for a few years here at NSH. We have mastered it’s connection and have fallen in love with it’s ability to connect worldwide. But, now that social distancing is in order, and the concept is leaking out, we wanted to let you know that we have a party for that! A virtual medium party. It’s fun, inspiring and most of all healing. If you have ever seen Crysta at a party and or an event you know that she always brings a great connection. “I just love watching her” “Her ability is amazing!” “I want to follow her and just watch, I am in awe with her gift” Each person can remotely click the link and be in the same room. The best part is, it’s one price and you can have up to 99 guests. We think 10 is a great amount, but if you all have the same people and want to hear from them, invite as many as you can. The more the merrier! PLUS if you use this code: PRTYDSCNT2 gets 25% off (add it as you are checking out) One price, no extra cost. Visit HERE to book your family, friend, wedding, bachelorette, baby shower party or just because. It’s socially distancing friendly.

Virtual Parties

  • 2hr group reading (Crysta will channel guests for two hours straight)
  • Free Test To Make Sure That Your Virtual Connection Is Strong And Reliable
  • Don’t see a date that works? That’s okay to drop us an email, Crysta will try and make it work. We don’t want to miss your special date. This includes holidays, nights and weekends. Email: with the date, time and time zone that works for you and we will get back to you soon.

Brought to the surface, by popular demand. We use an amazing program that can hold many guests in the same virtual space, no matter if your guests are all over the world, they can meet us on their own device  (This is what it looks like when they are all on different devices, in the above picture). Technology is amazing and we embrace it fully here at NSH. The possibilities are endless but allow Crysta to drop into a party taking place anywhere in the world, virtually. It’s incredible, beautiful and brings no difference in her ability, entertainment or gifts. It can be held on a big screen, huddle around a computer, or come in on separate devices. The experience will always be beautiful, healing, one of a kind and at times hysterical. This just goes to show that time and space are irrelevant. Spirit can be present no matter the situation, event or special occasion.

We can do a test run before your party date to ensure a smooth and memorable experience.

Crysta specializes in parties making each one unique and special. She has had baby showers, before wedding family meet and messages, bridal showers, girls night and or weekend. The parties are endless!

Party Includes:$300 We recommend no more than 10-15 people per party unless you are all there for the same people. The price is for the whole group no matter the size.