Unmasking Truths – By Crysta Lyon


Spirit has been guiding us to trust ourselves, our abilities and intuition. They have been showing us the “shedding of masks” which is the reality of all situations, people and things. Some of it’s pretty, some of it, not so much. We have been asking for guidance, growth and our highest well being and with this shedding of masks, we see all truths even within ourselves. Have you been doing as you teach? Or wearing a mask? With these truths we begin to heal, change and grow. That’s what life is all about. If you trust yourself, love yourself and be real within the self, doors of abundance, dreams, and freedom open. As spirit points out, we really are only experiencing what we keep in our mind. Make sure to clear your thought, heal your heart and keep charging in a direction that feels good and makes you smile.  Make the intention to live the life you dream of, feel it, hear it, taste it and see it. It’s all manifesting as we speak. The only deal is that there can’t be an ounce of fear or doubt and when there is you stop (pause) to “smell the roses” and figure it all out. Some things are placed here as a distraction, lesson or for genuine spiritual growth. Unmasking our truths is very healing. Under the mask is pure beauty.

– Crysta Lyon