Universal Certainty – Uncertainty

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Photograph By Mary Davidsmeier


When you immerse yourself into a spiritual practice, the number one rule you learn is that everything is energy. Everything has a purpose and a time. This is true. But, sometimes to the human experience, thought and eye, this belief can be daunting, confusing and maybe even maddening if we have little patience.

I also believe in the theory that we see our path before we come here to live it. A guided line and purpose. Dejavu furthers my confirmation into this belief. If this is the case then everything happens exactly the way it should. BUT, I also know, by experience and observation that we can stall that theory, run another direction in fear, or doubt what we see or maybe even miss it all together. Being too much in our way and thoughts can blind us. This way of living and doing will cause a delay in the sequence, which can cause us to bite our lip and run around in circles wondering why we don’t have answers and why nothing is working out.

But, if we remembered that everything has a perfect space, opened our heart and truly believed and trusted that all would be available in perfect timing, you would flow from one scenario to another. With ease and beauty. The mind would be so quiet and content that there would be no room to judge, fear or resist. We need to quiet the chatter of our thoughts. Lose the doubt. Trust what is offered. Put our arms up in the air and surrender to it all, allowing the journey to guide us. It is full of greatness, teachings, love, and knowledge.

A friendly reminder even to myself. It’s time to clear all and be all.


Crysta Lyon


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