Trust Your Path

Today’s Oracle card :
“If you knew you would be supported what would you do?”

When you deeply think about this, you will see that so many times we won’t follow our intuition, dreams or guidance from our loved ones on the other side, because we need concrete evidance that we are going to be okay. We overthink and analyze everything. Or we are too scared to dream big. It’s all about trusting your heart and intuition. This is exactly how my family and I decided to travel the entire U.S. It sounded crazy, unrealistic, we weren’t supported by everyone, but when we trusted our calling, we were fully taken care of by the universe. we didn’t need to win the lottery. It was the most amazing inner and outer experience and journey for all five of us. It has been a huge part of our own growth and awakening.

So, what would you do if you knew you were fully supported? comment below.

Happy Thursday!


Crysta Lyon