Traveling Announcement

Daily, we get inquiries regarding traveling to Idaho And Montana. We wanted to make a public announcement; while Crysta would love to make it to both places ( she had plans to) for a memorial in Montana, and to visit “home”, that she is unable to at this point in time, and had to cancel due to personal reasons. It has been a fight with her heart, but as she states, it’s important to follow your intuition and guidance. “When life throws you curve balls, it’s time to realign your position, follow your heart and flow with the path that is given”. This is exactly what she is doing! We are proud of her, and right here is why a lot of people love her. She has been very guided to stay virtual and phone base and has worked hard to make this beautiful flow happen. She also has some fun new ideas that she will be announcing this summer, some of which have already come out! Her clientele spreads clear across the world now; this makes it easier on her to virtually connect, and it gives more people an opportunity to meet with her. This is where technology is going, and NSH is embracing it fully. If you were hoping for an in person meeting, she invites you to email us at; we will give you a special code / discount for a virtual appointment. You can just put “Miss You” in the subject, and we will email you back with the special discount. We thank you for the understanding, and knowing how important it is that Crysta follows her heart, pull and dreams. She’s onto some amazing things that will help many in the future. It will be very exciting to see this all unfold.

Thank you always,

Andy Lyon