Today’s Vibe 06-14-19

Connecting To The Higher Power

Connecting To a Higher Power is today’s felt energy: The gateways to knowledge and connection with a higher source. The description of a higher source is known in our own experience: needs and love. However the feeling is all the same. A place to be guided, loved, cherished, forgiven and inspired. It seems that today’s connection is so seamless no matter our vibration or current moment, there is still a beautiful flow with no energetic blocks, giving us a chance to heal, chase inspiration, inner knowledge and guidance, or just embracing the full feeling of love. To connect to such a beautiful source will also be a personal sacred guidance. It comes in many ways, and will feel right when we do it. This could be through prayer, solitude, trust, slowing down, contentment, creativeness, connecting to nature, meditation, slow breathing, journaling, doing things that we love and that inspire us. It’s all within us. Each way of connection will be unique and of the highest good. It’s our dedication of trusting ourselves in what feels right. Today is a day of beautiful connections. Happy Sunday my friends, and have a peaceful week.

Love, Light And Balance,

Crysta Lyon

2 thoughts on “Today’s Vibe 06-14-19

  1. I had a session with you in May and I would like like another my sister Linda Huntzicker set it up I am Angelica Pankey

    1. Hi Angelica,
      For all new appointments you can click on to “book now” our system automatically links with your time zone making it super simple to book. I look forward to another appointment with you. Have a great day.

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