Todays Insight – 12/27/19

One thing that I love about our friends and family that have transitioned to other-side, is how helpful they are in our lives, on a daily basis. Not many people can see the hustle they bring, the love they share and how they run straight to us, wiping our tears, hugging our souls and intentionally stand there beside us through each moment of our lives. The good, the bad and the ugly. Each time I have cried out to someone, they were always the first to appear. All my inside talk, accomplishments and problems that I kept in my heart, they knew them. They guided me each time. I could count a numerous amount of times where I thought I was alone and there they were, with their smile and letting me know, each time that it was going to be okay. You will always find me peering to the side of me, or gazing off to the distance to smile and thank them for being a part of my journey and being present in all aspects of my life. It’s a great balance to have love from both spectrums, physically and spiritually. It’s a gift that everyone experiences, knowingly or unknowingly.

I felt a strong pull to share this with you today. We have been vibrationally healing as a whole, this past year. Our angels remind us that sifting through life can be done soulfully as well as physically and energetically. They remind us today that we can wrap up our fear and problems, by putting a beautiful and extravagant bow on it and handing it over to them. So often do we want to hold onto “things” Control the outcome of “things” and sometimes those “things” can be what is blocking us and holding us back. Listen carefully as they could be guiding us to do this with a counselor and or therapist as well, to help guide us in this beautiful process. Clearing our mind body and soul of any vibration that is lower than the highest. Letting go of these vibrations and emotions only promotes higher vibrational things to come to us. our inner voice, dreams and highest intention can be felt and seen better when our soul is not holding so much clutter. “The cleaner and clearer we are the cleaner and clearer we can see” The more we hold the more confusing it can be. We are bouncing off old and new emotions and insights when we energetically hold it all. That’s why it’s important to release it. Surrender it. Let it go.

If we mind our thoughts and catch ourselves thinking anything in a lower vibration, we then can change it to a positive and higher vibration. “I can do this” I am successful” etc. But, it can only be done if we clear our thoughts and energy. and eventually, we can even sit in stillness and not think at all, just allowing the goodness and high vibration of life, to freely zip in and out, bringing the higher intention to us, at an even faster rate.

Remember, Every thought becomes a reality and once we see the trueness of this, our clutter will be a little clearer. We will be mindful of what we let in. We no longer need to dwell or punish ourselves with past pain or doings, it’s our thoughts that keep this illusion feeling as true as it felt when we experienced it. Each moment is a moment to repair, heal and grow. With great gratitude in the center of our hearts, we move forward. but only if we choose this. It is always a self-choice to react to anything that we have been given, including sadness and pain. It’s a choice. I personally choose to forgive. To love and to receive. We are getting closer to 2020 and to fully walk in clear, releasing a few things and patterns that have kept you in this “blocked zone” (we will talk more about that zone soon enough.) will have us energetically feeling better.

Fly free my friends and wrap up those gifts, and hand them on over to your angels. You will feel lighter and lighter and energetically it will have you feeling freer and freer. Happy Friday my friends. Take care. Be well.

In love, light and the highest intention,

Crysta Lyon

P.S. This is the raw version and I will be having a writer come in to clean up the grammar and sprinkling it with love, but until then, rawness is what you will see. (Smiley face)