Today’s Guidance From The “Other Side” 7/30/17 – Crysta Lyon

I received two messages this morning to share with the majority of you. These messages are from our loved ones on the “other side”.

“Now I have no pain” Going through a transition (Dying) is beautiful. They no longer hold pain, worry, regret, illness, sickness, etc. This is hard for us to imagine here, as these feelings take up our whole world, or we possibly have witnessed what we thought was painful. When you die, you go through a white light, where you heal completely; Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. All that use to consume us, no longer does. It changes their whole spirit and outlook. It’s the most beautiful transition I have ever seen. This is why it can also be very confusing when they come into a medium reading with so much love and compassion, if they were not known for that in their physical form. They are now living their truth, and honoring their inner beauty. We all have a chance to see, change, and heal even on the “other side”. Please don’t think that they are still in a pain state, free your mind and heart from this thought.

“Changing Your Mind” It is okay to change your mind, especially if this decision has been pulling at your heart and soul. A lot of times, we have a new perspective than we did when we made the decision. That is why it is so important to listen to our intuition and inner calling. Do not not feel or fear judgment of your decision, as these would all be reactions that the reactioner would need to learn and deal with, not you. If it does not feel right, or you have new insight, it is okay to change your mind and it is okay that it may cause different reactions with those who surround you. They are aloud to have their own opinion, but it doesn’t mean that we need to let it affect us or rule our own insight and decision making.

Enjoy today’s guidance. Until next time.


Crysta Lyon

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