Today’s Energy – Trusting your journey by Crysta Lyon

“Trusting our intuition is hard! We can lean on others’ opinions, but we will always feel that we are veering off the path when we do this. “I’m so confused” “I hear what you are saying, but it still doesn’t feel right” “Am I going the right way?”. Every doubt is a moment where we can dig deeper and learn to navigate within. TRUST WHAT YOU FEEL. GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT. YOU DO KNOW. YOU ARE AMAZING. You are not going to have all the answers and you are not going to see the path perfectly, that’s how it works. Clarity comes when we trust ourselves and stop questioning our own feelings on what feels genuinely good and what doesn’t. Not ego good, but soul good. It is a forever process to see that path, but that clarity that happens with each step is unbelievably healing. You will be a different person in each step you take. A never-ending road into the beautiful unknown. But, we uncover who we are, not who we were told to be. We learn a lot about ourselves, and one thing for certain is that you will learn how gifted and amazing you are. The other is that our thoughts can put rivets into perfectly paved roads. Tune into your self-talk are you cheering yourself on? or are you saying it’s impossible? Navigate within in.” – Crysta Lyon