Today’s energy 10/26/20 by Crysta Lyon

New week, new energy, and possibly a new you! All one thought away, my friends. “When you’re going through the thick of confusion, you are right there, about to make a major energetic breakthrough”.

Energetically speaking did you know that light is stronger than negative Or dark energy? It is! Take back control and brighten your light within. (This can be done in thought and or doing, listening to your body and what it needs) all of us can energetically feel what is going on worldly or with our surrounding people, we naturally exchange energy. Which can be a lot, especially if it’s heavy. Get to know your mind, body, and spirit and clear the heaviness of energy that longer supports you, especially if it’s not yours to hold.

When we center ourselves on the intention of the highest good, we automatically bring change that fits that description. It will always be perfect for you and can not be compared to another’s journey or experience. It then takes being open, observant, and trusting of what your highest good is showing you.

I think this process of change, can unconsciously bring fear. fear the new change and what it will naturally and energetically get rid of and that no longer serves us at this moment. That can be a lot to take in. Some of us have been taught to cling to very unhealthy ways of thinking, doing, surviving, or even being. It won’t be the same “tools” or ways we use for every change. With that said this change can feel very different or even make us feel vulnerable. Sometimes baby steps are needed or just patience in seeing what keeps nagging at you. You are still on time. Everything is presented at the time it needs to be acknowledged. You are growing and don’t need what you may have needed in the past. This is all a good transformation for the highest good and being.

To fully embrace change, you need to incorporate new “tools” to support your new need. Where can you go wrong with that? When you set good intentions and highest good, you can never go wrong. When at this crossroads of growth, It is time to explore your authentic needs, your self-love, and your soul purpose. Incorporating things into your daily routine that will enhance you, bring calmness, healing, inner acceptance, and peace to these new ideas.

No one said this process was easy, usually, it’s not talked about, but we ALL go through the depths of the dark sea to find our inner light. A lot of it is not “pretty”, but we are human! With a lot of emotions and experience. It is normal to go through a ton of emotions and also to not be perfect. None of us are. No matter your level of knowledge or spiritual grounding you will flow where the current takes you. But, this is where you can make the best and hope for the best out of every given situation. Be the light in all that you encounter. It is part of the awakening process. Remember, when you think that you are alone, you are not. What I have learned by being vulnerable and talking about what I was going through is that ALL of us can energetically feel the vibe, depth, or heaviness that surrounds us. We are in it together, but separate. It may not look the same for everyone, but what I have learned is that it is similar.

Ask your loved ones, angels, guides, god to bring the light to you. To help you see your path in clarity. Note, that this is not always instant. There may be other kinks to work out before you see the entire picture. Those kinks will get louder and an intuitional pull will be present. Our “people” can help give you the inner- strength to get through the moment or day. An unconditional love.

Another helpful tip is to Release control of what you think it all should look like and be open to what it is. It will never be seen or felt if we are blinded to new ideas and ways.

The energy lately has been heavy and real. When we don’t know which way to turn, turning within is always an option. Gently soothing our spirit with activities and doings that support what we need at that moment. It may go against your busy schedule or daily routine, but by being open to taking care of your mind, body, and spirit, you will know what’s best for you at that moment. Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves on what we should be doing, instead of taking care of our well being. I am known to change at a moment’s notice, but this because at a moment’s notices we may be guided to something else that suits are now. It takes time, practice, and trust to listen to your inner pull.

I hope you have a beautiful week. Connect soon, friends. Make the best out of what’s given and be grateful for all. Look how many hurdles you have jumped in your life, you will get through this one too.

💗xoxoxo Crysta Lyon

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