Timing Is Everything – By Crysta Lyon

white-butterfly-purple-flower-3-FLATPhotograph By Mathew Cook

We all know the saying “Timing is everything”. Today’s energy is all about spreading our wings and flying in the direction that our heart has been guiding us, because timing and energy are everything. (Did you know that your heart chakra is the window to your soul. All answers come from this space, it is so important to keep it clean and clear for the most precise direction). Only you will know which way the crow (heart) flies. We have been training for this moment in time where we will enter into a new part of our lives with confidence, knowledge, self-love, and self-respect. All those daunting moments, self-healing, maybe even self-doubt experiences, are changing into something beautiful. A journey of self reflection of what we are truly holding in our subconscious can be shocking, but can also be rewarding and help us open doors to new chapters in our life.  Just like a butterfly. We need time to see. Time to heal. Time to begin or share. Guiding ourselves or others in the highest of all goods is beautiful. Sharing what we know with full confidence. Doing what we love with no doubt. Remembering, that what dreams we have, can all come true. Timing is everything.

– Crysta Lyon

Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC


Healing Blog Posts: Guidance from our loved ones on the other side, along with guides and angels, to bring forth a beautiful message for the day. Crysta Lyon works with spirit and asks daily, what she should share, and with her guidance, love, and light comes beauty, healing, and balance through the Healing Blog. Sometimes she uses personal experience, stories and always her pictures. Thank you for joining us.  Please feel free to share all posts, but still giving Crysta credit for her beautiful work and insight. Brought to you by Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC.