Three Oracle Cards To Walk Into 2021 With

When pulling these cards I asked “What three things do we need to remember, walking into 2021” here we are! I am loving them, are you? I hope you have a wonderful and safe new years eve. See you in 2021!

Transition: The frequency of transition supports our deep understanding of the ever-changing nature of existence and our lives so that we can learn to let go, surrender to the process, and allow the transition to occur with ease and grace.

Divine Masculine: The frequency of divine masculine supports our strong, focused, and active side, allowing it to express itself while helping us to bring our dreams and ideas into form with kindness and wisdom.

Perception: The frequency of perception supports our natural curiosity, moving us beyond our comfort zone to find the edges of what we perceive as real and to take a good, hard, deep look at it.

Cards: Lon Art

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