This weeks vibe May 18th 2020

Original Photo By Mathew Cook

This weeks vibe and message is filled with hope: The change you have been working on and manifesting either internally or externally is ready to go into full bloom with remarkable results. Remember that everything is energy and flows, so when we hear such exciting news try not to fill in the pieces or details with your thoughts on what we think this will look like, keep it open to your highest good and intention and the universe itself will present the details. We release all control and keep ourselves open to receiving this information through our hearts. This is the key to our knowledge and the map to our beautiful path. You will hear and feel the answers that are perfect for YOU. Right now is a great time to keep managing your energy and staying optimistic, and in a higher vibrational state of mind, body and intention, even when it comes to our thoughts. This will allow it all to unfold and be fully present.

Enjoy friends! Bringing balance to all healing and growth. You are doing great, don’t you ever forget that.

With endless love and light, Happy Monday!


Crysta Lyon