Thank You Butte MT

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What a beautiful trip and stay. I don’t know where to begin as each moment was so memorable. I can’t thank you all enough for all the love and support. It was so lovely meeting each one of you.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed up to come out for St Patrick’s day, but I was assured it was going to be a blast and that was an understatement. Not many knew, but this whole idea came form a beautiful and inspiring young gentleman by the name of Keegan Shea. Since I have met him in the spirit world, my entire life has changed. As I have witnessed in the physical and spiritual he is pretty incredible and knew how to make people feel special and knew how to make them smile. With his guidance I participated in Butte’s St Patricks Day festivities. We started with the parade with the family. Where I watched everyone smiles, know each other and cheering each other on. What a great little, small-town feel. We then hustled around Butte, with a scavenger hunt that was unbelievably hilarious, entertaining and fun. Yes, this was Keegan’s idea, and it was AMAZING. We gave away THREE, one-hour e-cards away, each worth $145 dollars to the first THREE that could find me with the clues that were given on Facebook. I can’t thank the Shea family enough for their help, including Rene for helping me with the fantastic st paddy’s day clues. She did such a great job with them and even changed the last one on the spot. I am so very thankful for her support, skills and friendship. Everyone did great finding me! It was so fun, and again I loved watching the laughter, connection, and love from far. Each encounter being wonderful. There may have been 20,000 attendees their that day, but in my eyes, there were about 100,000 participating in the fun, Spiritually and physically. I love being able to “see” the other side and how they follow you around and join in the fun. It is a beautiful thing to witness, if only we all knew the extraordinary world that exists just within ours. This will be a moment in my life that I will remember forever, thank you Butte Mt for making it so unique. Thank you, Keegan Shea, for showing me life through your eyes and heart. Your family is blessed to have such a sweet soul that takes care of them endlessly.

I feel so grateful to meet so many wonderful souls on a daily basis, just as remarkable as Keegan. We are all so blessed to have such beautiful angels walking with us, guiding and loving us unconditionally.

With Love And Great Gratitude,

Crysta Lyon


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