Hi Crysta! Thank you so much for the wonderful readings last week. It was so good to see you! What you told me about my grandpa was a huge healing for me. I had long ago made peace with the idea that I wanted to offer forgiveness without apology from him because he passed long ago. I never dreamed he was sorry or would apologize. To hear that apology was an enormous gift. I feel like the healing that has happened this week is incredible…and life changing. Thank you so much for delivering his message. I am certain that took a lot of courage to deliver, and especially in a group. I am so grateful for your sensitivity to the situation and how you were able to clearly communicate without revealing anything I may have been embarrassed about. Thank you so much!


Hi Crysta, wow, what an amazing time I had today.  I gave 29 family members latex balloons all colors of the rainbow like my neighbor asked for.  Each family member wrote a message on the balloon and they all released them at the same time. It was pretty amazing, every single one of the balloons traveled together, all of them, just like how  close that family is.  They stayed together like that family.  It was truly an amazing sight to behold.  I just wanted to share with you how much joy you brought to 30 people today who got to witness the life after death that truly does exist.  thankyou from the bottom of my heart, and the hearts of all of those today who recieved your gift.! Love and blessings, tina.


Hello Crysta

Hope all is well with you and your family.

I had a read with you about a year ago. At that time I had just found out that I didn’t get a job that I had worked really hard to for.

So I was very upset. At that time you told me I was going to get a promotion and that job I didn’t get was not the one.

 So for the last year I kept your words close to my heart and my head.

 I wanted you to know I just got that promotion!!! So I wanted to say Thank you so much for you words!!! Because of what you told me that day  I never gave up!!

Crystal Loughran

Crysta, I can’t thank you enough for my Valentine’s message! I am so blessed to have you in my life now! I love the message from my husband and I did my best to have a great day! I went to the BSU Hockey game with our daughter and my son, his wife and my grandson! We had a great time, then to the mall for my grandson to build a “toothless” dragon! You were right, I had been looking for a sign all day, a combination of 3 numbers! I had not gotten them from you yet and I so wanted to see them! I got them at the hockey game! The Utah players lined up at one point and the 3 of them had the numbers I had been looking for, made my day so much more special. Once I got home, circumstances prevented me from going out, but Josh and Jinx brought dinner home to me as well as a box of chocolates! It was a great day and I guess this is my testimonial or something like that! I’m just happy that my husband is still watching out for me.


The moment I saw Crysta and locked eyes with her I felt a connection.  She has a true gift and no words can express the enormity of her heart. Not only were there so many validations from my son, but from many other family members that have passed.  I know my son is with our family in heaven through Crysta’s gift. Thank you Crysta for being such a healer for my family and bless you for your huge heart and sharing it with us.  I look forward to every session and truly feeling, sensing and knowing my son and family are with us!

Anonymous Boise ID

I have had the privilege of knowing Crysta for quite some time. I was blown away by Crysta’s gift! She is an incredibly gifted person. She has always been very accurate when connecting with my loved ones whom have crossed over. She is truly incredible. I would most definitely recommend her to any of my friends and or family! What an amazing individual she is!

Anonymous Boise ID

I was skeptical and yet remained open to the information provided. It was more than I could have ever wished for. The specifics only Crysta could have known brought so much comfort that she really was connecting with my loved ones. I can’t wait for my next one!!!!

Anne Boise ID

I will be honest I have been to a lot of medium events. Like everyone else I was very anxious and in big hopes to get a reading. I have to say how shocked I was and still am that you read the entire audience!! I was in disbelief. I don’t know how you did it, there had to been at least 70 people there. It was like you froze time and let everyone leave with a little bit of hope, peace and healing. You are absolutely amazing and a huge inspiration to others in the same line of healing. I wish you the best and will make sure to go to another event just for the entertainment value.

Sherry Boise ID

Dear Crysta,

 I attended your group event last weekend in Boise @ 11:00 am.  You connected me with my mom and mentioned my cats.  Sadness came up and I didn’t really know that was going on.  The more I thought about that I sensed that was true.  With that in mind, I thought this was something I would have to work thru and it would just take time.

 Well Crysta, here’s the amazing part… Monday morning I woke up with lots of energy and just feeling great!  It’s now the following Sunday and I still feel the same.  Wow!!  I know there has been an intervention, I wasn’t expecting that at all.  I felt when I first saw you,  you were connected to the angelic realm and appears I was correct!

God bless you for the profound influence for good you are having on the world.

Hope to meet up with you when you return to Boise and thank you in person.

Blessings J


Vikki W.S., Boise ID

Thanks so much for skyping with us yesterday. You have a knack for bringing peace and joy to our lives. Happy travels!

West Vet, Boise ID                                                                                                                      

We loved having Crysta join our holiday staff party. She provided short private readings for many staff members and everyone came out of the room with a huge smile on their face. Crysta is kind, warm, prompt and professional. We will definitely invite her to join us again.

Marie, Boise ID                                                                                                                         

Upon meeting Crysta I felt her calmness and professionalism  instantly.  Crysta did a medium reading for me and my daughter relaying information only my loved ones and I would know, it was amazing and comforting. Because of a bad situation I had been in, Crysta cut the cords to that situation releasing me and allowing me to become myself once again. Her Reiki healing sessions helped to realign my charkas, heal my body and release any and all negative emotions built up inside. I would not be the person I am today without Crysta’s help.  Crysta is truly a wonderful soul with a beautiful gift.

B. Connecticut                                                                                                                         

Crysta is spectacular and has an amazing gift. I first contacted Crysta and set up an appointment for a medium reading, my experience with her was amazing. My loved ones and friends that had passed on came through so clearly I felt like I had a chance to speak with them again even though they are no longer on this earth. They relayed messages that were so detailed that no one else in the world could of come up with except for them. I had done a reading before like this but it incomparable to the one I had with Crysta. I have also reiki and energy healing sessions with Crysta her healing powers are outstanding. I live across the country but after those sessions I felt so much better and the stresses and fears that I was carrying had been snipped away. Finally, a family member of mine was in a coma and I emailed Crysta for help and guidance. She was able to connect with my cousin and help her through this hard time as well as help my family and myself. I feel so lucky that I was put in touch with such a wonderful person. I now view my life, myself, and everything with a much broader light then I had ever had in the past. There is so much more to this universe then I have ever imagined and I thank Crysta for opening my eyes to that. She is WONDERFUL!                                                                                                                                         

Christy,Boise  ID                                                                                                                

Thank you Crysta for a beautiful night of healing and good energy!

 Anonymous,  Boise ID                                                                                                                       

Absolutely wonderful!!! She is very respectful and honest. I am so glad I met with her, if I hadn’t I wouldn’t have known about my childs gifts and how to best help her. She brought awareness and peace to mind that I didn’t have before. I will definitely see her again!!!

M.B.  Boise ID                                                                                                                             

 This has truly helped me, she knew things no one would know. I will definitely go whenever I have any unanswered questions.

Annie B., Boise ID

” It was amazing how fast she whipped around the audience at her Adellmann Event. I went to John Edwards show and he read 8 people during a two hour period, I went to Crysta’s show and she must of done at least 35 people, it was unbelievable and very entertaining!”

L. K. Boise ID                                                                                                                                 

Crysta is so accurate! She is always professional, respectful, and compassionate when relaying messages from the other side. I would and do highly recommend her to my family and friends.

Michelle, ID                                                                                                                   

I just wanted to thank you soooo much for the time you spent with me last Sunday. I don’t feel like I expressed how deeply appreciative I was for helping me to connect with my loved ones. The experience was so much more than I could have ever hoped for and I think I am still in shock. I feel so much better about so many things. Lindsay was correct when she told me that I would feel safe and comfortable with you and that it would be a joyful experience. I’m sure you hear this all the time but I want you to know that I will cherish that reading always and I look forward to meeting with you again. We are very lucky that you chose to share your gift with others. I have 2 questions… First , how many times a year do you recommend for a reading? Is there a number that is too many? I have more loved ones I would like to connect with. My other question is for  a friend… How soon after someone passes can you try to have a reading with them? Thank you again Crysta. You are such a loving, beautiful person.

Anonymous,  FL                                                                                                                          

I can’t even explain what I felt or what happened to me during a remote healing session. I do know that I walked away with a sense of calmness and freedom that I haven’t experienced in many years. It baffles me that I could feel things shifting around in my body while she was doing her thing. INCREDIBLE!

Darci R. Boise ID                                                                                                             

sometimes as Healers I believe we think that “well, I am a healer I should be able to fix my “baggage”” or we feel as though we don’t want to burden others with our “stuff” Sometimes we have to just let go of “ego” and realize that we need help just as much as the next guy. We all have issues….I feel like I am open to help and I certainly appreciate it once it arises. But, for one reason or another I let myself feel guilty, not strong enough, etc, etc….. so I don’t seek out help. I just continue to help others to the best of my capability because this “is my calling” BUT today I had an AMAZING healing session with Crysta @nomadicspiritualhealing. Letting go of past hurts that have haunted me for years. Bringing a new found peace to my present….. Feeling blessed that I have the privilege to know her. If you are struggling with any issues big or small or would just like to connect with loved ones You must allow yourself the gift of a session with her. You will not be disappointed.
Blessings of hope and healing

S. Minnesota                                                                                                                              

my experiences with you, my grandson and other family that have seen the other side through near death experiences – only makes me more spiritual and deepen my faith in God and the life hereafter.  And – these experiences have completely erased any fear I have about my own death or that of my loved ones.  I believe God works through people like you to help us understand his love for us. You have been blessed with an amazing gift – one that I truly wish I had!!

T. Tennessee                                                                                                                                   

I just wanted to thank you for making my first session so amazing . It was awesome and I will never forget it. Thank you!

L. Boise ID                                                                                                                                    

 I have had several readings with Crysta. She is truly gifted and her sincere desire to be of service to others is quite evident. She has been quite accurate on details and messages from loved ones that have passed.

During a couple of my readings she has been very forthright in sharing some information regarding a situation that I am currently involved in. She has treated me like a concerned friend or family member would treat me and that is with respect and great compassion. Crysta has gone out of her way to lend support and guidance and has taken a true interest in my well being and healing/grieving process as well as my journey of Spiritual growth.

I have been so impressed with Crysta that I have referred several friends to her and like me they have found great comfort and peace in Crysta’s abilities.


I first met Crysta about 18 months ago when I went to visit an elderly family member who was ill.  Crysta just happened to visit him too.  I believe we were put together in this way for a reason!  Over the months since then Crysta has been a total blessing to so many in our family.  I have a renewed and deepened faith and I now truly understand that our loved ones never really leave us but simply go to the light (which I like to think of as heaven)  and wait for us there.  They guide us, protect us and send us messages all the time – if we are only open to receiving them.  I have witnessed Crysta work with children with the gift and she is remarkable in this way as she struggled with her own gift as a small child when no one would believe her.  I highly recommend Crysta as a truly gifted individual.  One session with her and you will be amazed and changed forever!


Crysta I can’t thank you enough for the other day. You have made me smile and my path brighter. I still think you are a lot like that medium lady on t.v. or maybe she’s a lot like you, but your not as loud and your more angelic and sweet. I am very thankful for your gift.

Stacy  Boise ID                                                                                                                        

WOW! all I can say is WOW! I’m shocked, very shocked. She’s good!

Erica, TX  

What an amazing experience. I can’t thank you enough. This sounds really cheesy but you have changed my life.  God gave you a very strong healing talent.  I see you going very far with this. Thank you again.


Crysta is the real deal if not beyond. I have gone to many medium psychics and she by far is the best. She hit everything right on the head. She knew names, private information, the way people died, It was unbelievable. She has this  aura about her that makes you feel so comfortable around her and makes you feel like you have known her for ever. A couple of my friends have gone to her too and they were just blown away. I can’t say enough about what she was able to do.


San Diego, Ca.                                                                                                                              

I was sitting in the family room watching TV, and from the corner of my eye I kept seeing what appeared to be a flash from a camera. From experience, I kind of knew where this was leading. So, I turned my head towards the area that had the flashing and just watched for a moment and there it was, I saw a man. I couldn’t see a lot of details, but I could see that there was a lot of black and grey on him and he was a little bit blurry. Because I wasn’t able to speak with him, I knew I had to get a hold of Crysta (my best friend the psychic). She was there for me in a heartbeat. It’s almost like she astral projected herself to me, as I felt her presences very strongly. The feeling was so strange, like she was coming to me in a big ball of light… A force to be reckoned with. She asked him to leave and though he was hesitant he did leave. The house feels so much lighter now and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t explain to you how Crysta is able to do this, I just know undoubtedly, that she can.

, NV                                                                                                                                   

A week or so ago I pleaded for Crysta to say a prayer for me because I was in a very  negative place for a long time. She went above and beyond what I had asked for. She cleared my house of a ghost, did work on my gallbladder, and infused myself and my house with good vibes. I felt better the very next morning. My life is back to the way it use to be, (or should I say,”I’m back to the way I use to be”.) Honestly, I didn’t expect a  whole lot. But what I got was way more than what I thought would happen.
Thank you Crysta for all your wonderful healing powers.


I have always been a curious skeptic but after a recent reading with Crysta I am no longer skeptical. Within the first few minutes of my telephone reading, Crysta made a connection between myself and my sister who had a reading with Crysta. As she asks that you not reveal anything about yourself, she had no way of knowing about our relationship. But because she saw our grandmother in both of our readings she asked if we were related! As the reading went on Crysta revealed many other personal details that without a doubt, confirmed her amazing gift. The information she revealed throughout the reading left me with a sense of peace and joy! I recommend Crysta highly – you will be overwhelmed!

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