Tender Care – Are you a walking angel? – By Crysta Lyon

Spirit is reminding us today, which when we take care of others, we are angels in disguise. This kind of attention is unique, loving, ultimately and soulfully a beautiful and uplifting experience for everyone involved. Make sure to balance your care and health as it can quickly change or decline when we are so focused on helping others with theirs. Spirit is also reminding us, that it is okay to blow the horn and ask for help. We know that this angel role can have a strong need to do it all, but you have to remember that even angels need to rest, find balance, clear and aid to self-care or you honestly won’t be giving at all. Tender care is a heavenly calling and tribute to those you spend your time with. Thank you for being there and assisting in a time of need. You are an angel, don’t forget how needed and loved you are.

– Crysta Lyon