Surprise! Coffee & Tea On Me!

Today is Crysta’s birthday and if you know her,  you know about her acts of kindness that she does every year. She has truly been sneaky this year. She has been randomly filling “inboxes” with e-cards, sweet notes of gratitude and appreciation, and of course, never stops there. She won’t ever talk about all the acts of kindness she and her family do because some of them just need to stay anonymous. But, her motto is “I was born to show and share that everyone has a light within and know that when times are tough or devastating I will shine mine, to help you find yours, we do this together and with our loved ones on the other side”

Surprise!!!! Here’s a Starbucks gift card that many of you can use today until it’s zapped out (the amount is a secret until people start using it) Grab a drink on and with us! Take a screenshot of the scan bar and use it to pay for your coffee or tea. When you get a drink please comment below the amount left on the card, ask them to tell you at the register, and tell us what state you got it in! That way everyone can see how much is left and how far the gratitude has spread. Also, email ( us your pics and we will share your gratitude on the social media stories account! PLEASE PLEASE do your own acts of kindness today too! and we will share that as well, if you would like to share it with us.

UPDATE: We deleted the card code, this was so amazing and we loved that the card was used across the country!

Thank you for following us and for loving us! Watch everything, Crysta will be on a roll all day.

15 thoughts on “Surprise! Coffee & Tea On Me!

  1. Happy birthday Crysta,

    Sure miss seeing your sweet and loving face around town.
    Have a Happy day from Ken and I we love you

  2. Awe, thanks for thinking of us on YOUR Day! Hope it’s a fun and joyful day filled with love! It snowed over night in Boise (good thing I raked up leaves yesterday)! Much love! Lori

  3. We love that people are using the card it is real and it is bringing us great joy! Please drop a message below, anonymous if you want on what state you used the card in. We are so excited to see how far it will travel. There is still enough on the card for a couple of people to enjoy coffee or tea (as of this moment).

  4. I tried to use it but the lady in front of me in line paid for mine before I got there! 🙂
    Happy Birthday Crysta,
    Pat S
    Eagle, Idaho

    1. I LOVE THIS!!!! Thank you for sharing. That brings so much love to my heart. Random acts of kindness x2! – Crysta Lyon

  5. Thank you Crysta. You are so generous. Have a beautiful birthday and please make a safe trip to Boise when you can. We had our first snow today!Miss you

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