Suicide Prevention – Random Acts Of Kindness

It has been a vey busy time for the spirit world. In this moment we have a LOT of suicides. Prayers, and high vibration is needed to help everyone as a whole around the entire world. Acts of random kindness should be a daily ritual as we never know what’s going on behind someone’s eyes or in their heart and it can even help our own.

Awareness is key. One thought and smile can help a complete stranger.

With that said, please join me. I will be doing at least one random act of kindness a day for a complete stranger. I don’t have a time line. I will continue every day. And staying in a state of awareness when out and about. A lot times we get caught up in our busy and don’t look around when we are out and about. But if you stay in awareness and “people watch” you will notice which ones may need an extra smile or hello or maybe even more. It helps.

If you are someone in need please do not feel shy about reaching out. There a ton of counselors, therapists and amazing people out to help. Calling the lifeline can give you a ton of information and help you as well. You are not alone. Everyone has a battle that they fight, but it is the number one thing that no one talks about. Be brave and talk about it. Seek help and assistance you can get through this.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

‭1 (800) 273-8255‬

Crysta Lyon
Nomadic Spiritual Healings llc