Stepping into 2019 “I” to the “Y”


A card reading I did for 2019, with the intention of what each month will energetically hold.


It has been a universal journey and ride. Transitioning from 2018 to 2019 has been nothing but complete joy. This is a chance to awaken our inner beauty and knowing with the choice to allow our soul purpose to flourish in 2019. My guides explain that all things are made with choices, and if we choose to, we can energetically leave all that has blocked us, harmed us, stalled us (even our own thoughts and insecurities). This action of “letting go”  leads us to our deeper truths, awakened state, and soul purpose. What did you come here to do? Who are you? Not what you thought you were, or what they said you were going to be; but who are you? What makes you smile? What passion pours out of your soul? Is there an insecurity or an open wound blocking you from finding yourself? When you think with 5D vision, (Seeing everything in multiple perceptions and dimensions and not in an ego, 2D state, which universally unlocked this year, giving us a deeper connection to our purpose and soul.) it is refreshing. I have heard people say “It doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you.” I find this statement so true in this state of consciousness, eventually even turning it into great gratitude for all things. When we see all happenings, decisions, and interactions with love, we begin to have great gratitude for all that has happened for us, and to bring us to this awakened state. It has a lot to do with perception and how we view things, but perception has a lot to do with experience and the emotional state. When you are ready to awaken, you are ready to see the deeper emotions and reasons that caused your decisions and reactions. Some may feel that being “asleep” is more comforting;  to admit our own truths and uglies, this may mean we have to looker deeper and see the choices we made were from fear and possibly became that something that broke or completely ruined us. Those are all hard things to see, especially in the human state, as our body naturally blocks itself from all harm and emotion we have felt in the past. Instead of being in the awakened state, we stay asleep and replace it with anger and denial, as it was our experience, or emotion, that hurt us the most. Sometimes these truths and “awakenings” can make us feel vulnerable, possibly feeling alone or sad for letting it occur. It is showing us the depth of “I” (Ego State).  When we change our perception we then can see the depth of “Y” (Why it all happened, and the synchronicity of timing to help us grow as a soul.)  It just takes ourselves trusting what we have felt, what we saw, and who we became on this journey.  A very refreshing perspective ( taking a deep breath) Not to say that nothing undesirable or sad won’t happen, but with our experiences and growth it gives us the chance to be still, see the underlining light, and move in the direction our heart takes us, leaving fear to the side. Energetically, when we vibrate high or low, we map out everything surrounding us. Our dreams, people, experiences, emotions etc. It’s beautiful and with great gratitude I look forward to this next year. Taking “I” to the “Y” with love and light.

What changes, vibrations or pulls have you felt of the new year?


Crysta Lyon