Sending Endless Prayers For COVID-19

A beautiful pic of my children being adventurous and full of love (this is a few years old)

I wanted to touch base and state that despite not being public about my views or feelings, I am praying and hoping for the best and thinking of each one of you daily, as well as praying for your health and safety during this time. This has brought great change to the universe. Sending light and love to all every moment I can, and being grateful for those working so hard to come up with safe solutions and options for us as a whole. I think for now we need to concentrate on the unity that this has brought us to, and knowing it will take all of us to come together and do what we can to keep the universe’s light and vibration high. Letting go of judgment and fear, and working with our hearts and inner love for one another. What we do daily and in every moment has an effect on the earth’s energy. Be aware of this, and change what you do spiritually, physically and mentally to be in more of a positive spectrum and vibration. We have enough worries, fears and low vibrations that we need to balance it out with love. We can’t change what is going on if we can’t be open to new opportunities for self-growth and spirituality that is being presented to each one of us. Self-isolation can be beautiful and inspiring if we choose and allow it. What will you do with your time? Using our time wisely can help us awaken in a world of confusion. It will be of no help to add fear, confusion or maniac behavior. We need calmness to allow all answers to come in fully. Be the eye of the storm, so to speak, instead of the storm itself. When we have an outward approach, we can make better decisions in the highest good, rather than being tossed in the depths of the sea of fear and illusion. We all have a part that can be contributed in our own beautiful ways. Changing our energy can help the flow of finding answers and resolution. Our prayers, vibration, thoughts, and doings are all vital at this moment. Being conscious of doing everything in a high vibrational approach will help us all. Changing and catching yourself will be a part of the awakened journey.

Below are a few techniques I have found personally helpful during this time. Raising our inner vibration to help the flow of healing.

  • Be conscious of your thought process – What do you think about when you’re not thinking? That energy programs our reality. Be mindful and change thoughts to more productive and loving ones. Negative thoughts can send us in a spiral: this includes thinking of the past and the hardships we’ve been through or worrying about the future. Be in the now. What can you do at this moment to bring a smile and hope to yourself and your future self? 
  • Love yourself! Accepting all sides of you is beautiful and nurturing every bit of it. You can do mirror work. Being your own company, partner and best friend all in one. Do these things you would do for others for yourself.
  • Being mindful of our consumption in a physical, mental and spiritual way. How are our surroundings? Uplifting? Drowning? How are the people we spend the most time with? Uplifting, or drowning? How about the food we consume? Does it make us feel uplifting or drowned in negative feelings? Observe everything we consume daily on all levels is powerful. We choose what we consume. Doing this on a conscious level is even more incredible; it gives you a boost of insight, creativeness, etc. The cleaner and clearer you are, the cleaner and clearer you will be to process everything. 
  • Gratitude. Having gratitude is the golden key to life. Instead of focusing on what we don’t have, try to concentrate on what you are grateful for at this moment. Challenge yourself to be grateful for different things every day. This brings a perspective of greatness. We easily forget how far we have come until we start counting our blessings. Doing this energetically opens your world to more blessings to be grateful for.
  • Letting go – As humans, we want to control, be the boss, and especially in this circumstance, we are not. We have to be patient and wait, so instead of relying on how we think something should be, release and allow life to show you the best way. Our conditioned actions and mind limit us on our beautiful potential, so releasing control can feel vulnerable. It will open the doors of new energy and possibilities. I love the quote that goes somewhat like “You won’t expand or grow in the same energy and ways that blinded you or stifled you” It’s very true.
  • Making a plan that consists of clarity and the highest good and outcome. Purchase and do things to focus on good immunity and health, not frantically buying fearfully or automatically.
  • Allowing play and fun! Being a grown-up is so boring! So many responsibilities, not enough time to play. We lose that child-like sense of adventure. Bring it in. Have a Nerf gunfight, blow bubbles, jump on the bed, roller skate safely in the house, be the little you that has been hidden inside!! It’s exhilarating and you will smile and bring joy in, just like you remembered. If your childhood wasn’t filled with joy, play in the ways you wish you could have. No one can stop you now. 
  • Creative – Being creative through art, movement or music is so beautiful and uplifting. It brings our soul to the surface and heightens our vibration. I love music. My energy can go from low to inspiring with just one song. If you don’t feel creative, Pinterest has a ton of DIY ideas! Try try try something new! 
  • Spiritual Tools – Use spiritual tools like stones, sage, singing bowl, etc to create a higher vibration and change into the universal energy.
  • Meditation and or stillness. There is a ton of guided meditations or even just meditation music. Or you can just try and clear your thoughts and see how long you can be thought-free for. You would be surprised at how sneaky those thoughts can be. You don’t even know your thinking until you catch yourself thinking. It’s powerful to be in stillness, and not to mention when we get rid of the chatter, we are left to inspire and explore and allow our true intuition to rise. This is also a sure way to feel, hear or sense our loved ones. Stillness is beautiful and one of the best “rests” you will receive. You don’t wake up tired, you “wake up” with peace and rejuvenation.
  • Calmness – Feeling anxious? Do a calming activity. Put together a puzzle, drink tea, read a book, soak in a bath, paint, paint rocks, draw . . . do anything to bring in a sense of calmness. Be open to your own calmness. Mine happens to be cooking. When I have a lot on my plate, you will find me in the kitchen whipping up delicious foods. it’s my personal way of meditating.
  • Socially taking a break – Being on social media constantly can be very draining to your energy and mind. Taking rest rejuvenates your spirit, and again lets you connect with your own thoughts and energy. 
  • Cleaning our space. Brings new energy in. “The condition of your space is a reflection of your reality”. I always found that statement to be so true! When I let the house go, I was in a space of sadness and not motivated. But as I cleaned, I started to feel better. Revamp your energy!
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Sending great love, gratitude, good health and light to all,

Crysta Lyon

2 thoughts on “Sending Endless Prayers For COVID-19

  1. This was a beautiful read Crysta. Thank you for the reminders of taking time to be good to ourselves and not let the worries of the world consume us. I wish you and your family love and joy and peace.

  2. Dear Crysta
    This was such a beautiful piece to read and one that I know helped so many. I know I have been on a spin cycle and I need your wisdom to guide me back to the path, thank you for doing so. Prayers for you and yours.
    Karen Wildman

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