Roses Are a Sign Too!

The rose is a beautiful yet personal sign that I hold dear to my heart.

They can have such a meaning and one would think that it was just love. However, I will tell you I have seen it “used” in so many scenarios: to jog one’s memories, show one’s dedication to gardening, a note of apology, or even just their deep-rooted battle and dedication for one another. Symbolizing strength and hardship, but never giving up and creating something beautiful together as a whole. It fascinates me on how simply something can seem to be, yet have so much meaning behind it. Maybe it is the romancers novel, or is it the feeling and emotion we get from saying nothing at all? Roses are given daily with such deep meaning and emotions backing up each stem wrapped in a bow, so why would this differ from our loved ones who have passed? It doesn’t. In my eyes, there is so much more they are trying to express and say.

Did you know that our loved ones can encourage us to look in certain directions just to view a “present” they have for us. in this case it would be a rose, in others a rainbow or heart shape. It doesn’t have to be a physical object. it can be in a picture, tattoo, etc. I consistently see them and they say “Look! this is for you.” With just those words, we look without knowing. Not only is it a sweet gesture, but the love, emotion, and meaning is what enlightens me. The emphasis on their love, dedication, and care for us can be wrapped up in one single rose. A feeling that resides in our heart. That would be a message and present from our loved ones, and a beautiful one too. A sign so often looked over or forgotten. It’s not just the physical, it’s the emphasis and passion that is put on each physical object. It goes deeper than what the eye can see, but what the heart can always feel.

Roses are a universal sign used by all. I love to call it the storytelling sign. One used to show depth, meaning, love, dedication, and care. It is used by grandmas, aunts, sisters, dads, moms, children . . . It is a common one used by all, but it’s meaning and the emotional response it gives a loved one is priceless, and the fairy tale of an emotion we all unconsciously (sometimes consciously) seek.

A few meanings of the rose are noted below, but not written in stone. If you ever have another meaning that comes to mind, that would be your sign. Please don’t ever doubt your gift of “just knowing.” Not one person I have met has been wrong in knowing. We just know.

  • A sign and symbol our loved ones give us to help us remember who we are. To care for roses, there is a lot that goes into it. It is not an easy plant to keep plentiful. But with time, knowledge, patience and a love for them you can create brilliant beauty. This is a reminder that these aspects of the rose is also within you. When we are feeling down, filled with low self-esteem or with confusion, the rose is often given to us as a gift of hope That with all reside within, and with a little self-love and nurturing, we can conquer or woes and enter a mindset of beauty.
  • So often does this symbol come in from lovers who want to shower their significant other in their beauty, placing roses all around them as I sit there to give them a reading. It’s a beautiful “sight” even if they were not one to do this in the physical. This is a symbol they show in how deep their love is for them and their appreciation of the relationship. A deep emotional love (one I can’t explain the depths of in this life form) roams the room and one that often brings tears to my eyes. I believe this is where that sign could be confusing or skipped if they weren’t known for it. When they say “Look!” we wouldn’t remember it as a memory or triggered sign. Instead, it is the emotion and storytelling sign they are trying to express. This symbol is also used within relationships where there was a lack of communication. This shows the recognition and healing of the lack and how they shower us in that knowledge now. It has even been used as peacekeeper flower, given to apologize for wrongdoing, sadness or even at times for taking their own lives.
  • Sometimes it’s just a simple sign; a flower they loved or had an act of a green thumb at. It may also be simply something we adore and will grab our attention the moment we see it.
  • Those who have passed or dramatically affected by cancer use the rose as a symbol of beauty, strength and show themselves being strong, okay and in pristine health on the other side. They will bring this symbol to all the people they love and adore. More times then I can count, the colors of the roses used, resemble the ribbon colors they use for cancer awareness. Being more precise in the meaning. White: Lung cancer, Lavendar (periwinkle blue): Stomach cancer, Pink: Breast Cancer, Yellow: Bone cancer, Orange: Leukemia and so much more. Isn’t that beautiful? There is so much more to it than the eye can see.

These are just a few examples. Remember, there is so much more than the physical gift of the rose. It is the emotion, intention, and placement of each sign that will bring a greater confirmation.

Keep watching, as we will be releasing more and more blogs worth reading and keeping. Thank you for the love on this magnificent journey.

“The more we align ourselves in harmony and clarity the more we will hear, feel, see and just know from our loved ones, there’s much more they are telling us, than just hello”

Crysta Lyon