Real stories and confirmations with our loved ones on the other side – “It’s like he took my pain away with him”

I posted on IG and FB stories asking for confirmations and experiences that you have had with your loved ones on the other side and that I would share them anonymously. I think this is going to be such a beautiful way to see what others have experienced and also validation knowing that we are not alone. giving us insight and explanations of things we can’t explain. Sometimes it just leaves you in awe.

There is nothing more beautiful than the love I have witnessed between both the physical and spiritual. They will be right there with us helping us to find balance and healing within grief and the new life that awaits

Crysta Lyon

Below is a beautiful story and confirmation that was emailed to me Anonymously. If you have a story please email us at We would love to share it.

“I saw your Instagram post about sharing an encounter we had. I have honestly had a lot ever since I met with you and I believe it is because you opened my heart and mind to experience these encounters.
One night I was emotionally missing my loved one that had passed away years prior. I was crying hard with my eyes closed. With my eyes still shut I started to see these colorful swirls. Like moving colorful stars. Then I started to feel tingling on my face. Kind of like when your feet go numb. But I felt them in very specific spots like my check, then forehead, and lips. I cried harder thinking that was him kissing me from the other side telling me he was still here with me. After a few minutes the tingling, colors, and tears just instantly stopped. I felt a shift of energy and immediately felt relief. It’s like he took my pain away with him. 
I haven’t been that upset about him passing since that day. I love my experience so much and I just wanted to say thank you for opening my heart to these kinds of experiences.”