Real Haunted “Houses”

A little October fun! Haunted Houses are great, but real haunted places are better, okay waaaay better! Being a medium and a chicken of dark energy, I see a lot EVERYWHERE. At times, the energy can be different and haunting , other times it just feels “normal.” We have traveled and seen the entire country. Some places stop me on my track and make me, even a little jumpy. I went to St Augustine last week. We learned a lot and walked a ton. I had family in town, and I love St Augustine! There is a lot of activity there. One place that grabbed my attention was the St Augustine Light House. It is not only the main attraction to the physical realm but also with the departed. I went during the day! Yes, it doesn’t matter if the lights are on or off “haunted” is haunted. The “ghost” were harmless, but if you like the chills, creepy feeling and seeing things out of the corner of your eye. This is the place to go. You will have plenty to “see” and the visit will literally keep you on your toes. I almost ran a few times. Light Keeper Joseph Andreu is one of them that still “works” there at the lighthouse. He died in December of 1859. He was painting the light tower when the scaffolding failed, and he fell to his death. It was about a 60-foot fall. When I was there he was running up and down the stairwell and through the property, still doing his job. This activity can be very “scary” if you are not used to it. Its a lot and very heavy with energy and emotion and don’t get in a working mans way, or he will go right through you! Not many places make me look over my shoulder, but this place did. It was very shocking to me on how MANY visitors still visit, even from the other side! They outnumbered the physical guests by a lot!  This is a real haunted “house”. No makeup,  blacklights or clowns jumping out. This is the real deal. Who wants to walk the yard at 2:00 am and climb 219 stairs at night with me? Ha ha ha!!! I would if they would let me. Do you remember the one I did on Halloween a few years back? That was unforgettable and comical. Happy October my friends.