November – crisp air, calmness and self-care

November is all about the crisp air, leaves changing (representing an energetic cleanse), snuggling by the fire with warm homemade soup, reading a book or just being. November is a sweet reminder that self-care and home balance is a plus. Pampering yourself in unique ways. Finding ways to relax and be. Making our home a place of peace, love, relaxation and a place for soul healing. Taking care of ourselves and our homes is a reflection of our energy and our current now. Calmness vs. Chaos. The more we are present, thoughtful and caring the more our soul and path can thrive. What can you do this month to create this space for you and your home? Here is a list that I will be incorporating this month. I would love to hear yours as well.

  • Morning meditations
  • Yoga
  • Stillness – no t.v. just being in complete solitude with candles or a fireplace
  • New aromas
  • Switching the furniture around or adding a new piece
  • Inviting warm colors
  • Energy cleanse on the home – ritual or sage
  • Playing soft meditation or classical music in the background. Music is known to change energy and the frequency, creating a tranquil space.
  • Cooking new foods
  • Reading a new book or taking a news class
  • Taking a moment to connect with our loved ones. Quieting our mind body and soul allows us to see, hear and feel more then we would in a high pace or busy environment.
  • Self-spa – Self-care
  • Drinking healing tea
  • Journal

I hope you enjoy the month of November!


Crysta Lyon