New year, New You?

A quick Hello! I have missed you guys. I hope all is well.
What are you bringing into the New year? Any New Year resolutions, dreams or intentions?
Every year I try something new. Life is short. Last year (2017) was traveling with a passport, the year before that was saying yes to new things ( I loved living in my comfy box, that was an amazing experience I did a lot of stuff I would never have dreamed of doing. Every time someone asked me to do something, instead of saying no I said yes) This year (2018) I’m not sure. I haven’t come up with anything just yet. Any ideas?
I hope you bring in this New Year thinking about you and knowing that no matter what year, day or time it is, we can always start a new or live out a dream. Rocki it, any way you would like, this is your story after all.
Crysta Lyon
Nomadic Spiritual Healings llc
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