My travels to Montana . . .

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I had such an amazing time, words can not even come close to describing my experince. This was my first time in Montana, so I was very excited to mark it off my list. I was also excited for personal reasons as I have a grandmother who use to live in Montana who was also a psychic and helped the police department finding missing persons. I never met her, until she crossed over (passed away) So, this was truly exciting to be in her environment and state. I could feel her presence and she allowed some amazing experiences come from that.

I was very booked on sessions and parties, but still manage to find time to visit with some amazing healers who live in Butte. It was a connection no one could ever explain. It was so fun to talk and share stories as your “crazy thoughts” are always validated when talking with other healers. It was unforgettable. Butte is very lucky to have healers like that. I am also very grateful as they took very good care of my daughter and I, while we were there. Feeding us, organizing and scheduling all sessions and parties and being very kind, helpful, insightful and treating us like family.

Amongst all that I was able to take a quick hike through lost creek state park, breath taking, with an amazing water fall. We also explored Our Lady Of The Rockies. Amazing energy and great energy going on, on that mountain and with the statue of Mary. A beautiful story on why it’s up there.  A must see no matter your religious preferences.

I thank everyone who I had sessions with and joining me in a very spiritual and unforgettable weekend. On my list of future travels again, for sure!.

Love you guys and again it was nice to meet you all.

Crysta Lyon