Live Events

Coffee And Tea With Me – Spiritual RealnessNo photo description available.

There is nothing better than sitting down and connecting with like minded people over coffee and tea. Time to get personal, real and candid with Crysta ( you will hear her laugh). These talks will be open and flowing with the energy and direction of spirit. Every event will differ. You can find them filled with that weeks or months energy guidance, what crysta is energetically feeling, maybe even meditation and or maybe even a reading or two. Most of all, it will just flow exactly the way it is supposed to. There is no promise to what will be available, as it will be completely energetically and spiritually guided as we go. This live event will start out once a month and we will put more dates as we go.
  • There is a $5 fee per Sunday event. You can sign up for your dates down below and we will send you the link via email. If your email differs from the one in your paypal, please email us at to let us know.-
  • It is easier than you may think to join us, there’s an app for that! We can walk you through it, before the meeting.
  • When you get the link PLEASE click on it early and get it set up and familiarize yourself with the program. This is your responsibility, we will be available to assist in the days before the event not of or after. There will be no refunds even if you were unable to connect.
  • This is a virtual event you can choose to watch, participate or just listen. All is welcome. I look forward to the connection. 
  • By purchasing a virtual seat you agree to our release and waiver found HERE at the bottom of the page



Virtual V.I.P. Medium Group

If you haven’t checked Crysta out yet, this is a great option to get a reading and taste of what she is all about. The parties are a fan favorite and Crysta’s outlook on life, her smile, passion, gift and giggle will want you to stay a little longer.


This is the cheapest medium option that we provide, only $25 per connection.

Psychic medium party hosted by Crysta Lyon, bringing one of her all time favorites ( just like the ones hosted in Eagle ID) to the virtual world. This virtual gathering is where people across the U.S. can reserve and attend one of Crysta’s special medium parties. Where you can meet new friends, hear each others readings and gather for a moment to always remember. It is amazing how the universe brings complete strangers to the same spot, where they will have common backgrounds, stories and healings. Each story will touch you deeply. We have had party goers / strangers leave as best friends! They have even become some of Crysta’s.

Below you will find the dates and times that are available

ONLY 10 Virtual Seats available per party. We will add more dates and times as they sell out.

2 Hour Party
$25 a virtual seat – intended for one person please

Each person is guaranteed to hear from at least one person. If you have attended a group party before you know how accurate, fast and what a great job Crysta does to include everyone.

* Please note that we will need at least 3 participants per party to keep the date and time. If not it will be canceled and monies will be refunded to those who had booked in advanced.

* IMPORTANT – We will send you a virtual link, It is VERY important that you read this email ASAP,  the directions and learn how the program works before the party starts. This will give you more time with Crysta. The program is easy to use, but depending on your device it could be as simple as clicking the link or you may need to download the free app. 

To reserve your spot please visit this link, we will send you a confirmation link, directions and the link to the party. We can’t wait! 

  • By purchasing a virtual seat you agree to our release and waiver found HERE at the bottom of the page

Virtual V.I.P. Medium Group Dates 


September 18, 2019 (WEDNESDAY) 6:30pm – 8:30pm (Mountain Time)