Male Cardinals – A Sign From The Other-Side ( Father Figures)

Many father figures ( Dad, Dad figure, grandfather, father in-law etc.) who have passed, bring us cardinals as a sign that they are still here for us, very attentive, loving and caring. I had seen this sign a lot with those who had passed, but I didn’t realize the deeper meaning of it, until we had a little family of cardinals move in. It was so fascinating to watch how hard the Dad worked and how it took turns with the female in feeding their young and protecting the nest. I watched the male for hours, going non stop, back and forth. It worked very hard to provide food and comfort to it’s young and was so attentive to the female cardinal. Giving her breaks. It was beautiful. That’s when I realized that the cardinal sign meant so much more. Your father figures want you to know that they are still there and dedicated to your well being and will not leave your side. It made me cry as I pieced the reason in why they specifically pick the male cardinal. It’s such a beautiful honor when they pick this sign.

The above picture is of the sweet family that moved in, we now see the babies and their families. It’s an amazing and sweet gift that keeps giving.

Here is another article that I did a while back on Bird And Feather Signs.

Crysta Lyon