Making Mom’s Day Special (Mothers day is on May 13th)

Tulips arranged on old wooden background

We love Mother’s day, and in fact, we think all Mom’s should be celebrated every day. Because Mom’s are so amazing, strong, loving and dear to us, why not give them the gift to connect and heal this Mother’s day. Or how about giving them a surprise G.C. to communicate with their Mom, who has passed, or surprise a friend so that they can connect with their loving Mom on the “other side” There are so many options to making this day unique and we have all you need.

E-cards have improved! Not only do we have beautiful options, like the above picture, but we have many different prices to fit your budget. You pick your favorite card, favorite price, favorite person and you can pick a perfect date (Mother’s day May 13th), and it will be sent on that day! Making this gift option perfect, thoughtful and easy. Once you click on availability, click on the Gift Certificate and fill out the short form. If you don’t know their email, or you want to jazz it up a little, that’s okay; you can email it to yourself and just copy the code and put it into a card or add it to another gift. The code is all they need when they decide to book their appointment. Enjoy!