January Appointments

New Beginnings 2018 - Nomadic Spiritual Healings

We are so excited for 2018! We added some hours and days to accommodate those on winter vacation. You can book your healing and medium sessions below.

Healing Appointments: It is so important to experience life, but so much more critical to energetically let go of the past, forgive others and ourselves, when we are finished with the “lesson”. With meditation and guidance, I help guide people on a journey to self-healing and with the option of having your loved ones on the “other side” helping,  can make this experience even more memorable. We can heal the broken, find a balance and live a full life. I am a great example of that truth.

Medium Appointments: Your loved ones, love coming in with guidance and helping you start a new year with their insight, healing and loving approach to making this new year beautiful. I will connect with loved ones who are on the “other side” and remain involved in your life. Many times this is family members who have passed on but can also include others you were close with like,  spouses, friends and even pets. I ask that your loved ones only give me information that will be for your higher good. This is a great way to close doors that lead to doubt, confusion, depression and an acknowledgment that they are safe and okay. Sometimes they just want you to know how proud they are and how much they love and miss the physical.


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