Inspirational Life Quotes – Crysta Lyon – July 14, 2017

Spirtualist Crysta Lyon - Nomadic Spiritual Healings

“To heal deeply, we have to dig deeply and understand absolutely everything for what it is, not for what our perception thinks it might be. Every experience, every hardship is here to help make you, not break you. You have to allow yourself to see everything deeply and curiously, with open eyes and not judgmental ones. That way,  you can understand why it’s in your present moment. You may be the teacher, you may be the student, but it’s best to not assume the roll, but rather allow what ever it is, to show you, what role you will be playing. Assumption causes blocks and hardships. See yourself open and ready for everything in your highest good and in the highest good of all that surrounds you. ”

– Crysta Lyon



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