I Love You – Todays inspiration and strength


As I sat and waited for my children to get to the car,  I spotted a man also getting into his car. Instantly, I spiritually connected without even thinking about it. I see stories, strengths, sadness, triumphs, etcetera. Mostly energy blocks that a human is holding onto is those which has caused them deep pain. In those split few seconds, my heart truly hurt for that man. He never felt love; he only had fear to love. As he got into his car fully, I closed my eyes and said, ” I love you. Please know that someone loves you, and that you too can love yourself, no matter what you have endured. Know your strengths; be the soul you are. Heal yourself. Love yourself. Trust that this is possible” I imagined a white light circle in and out of his car, praying that he could feel this love. “I LOVE YOU”. If you feel defeated, mistreated or even just down, please know that I LOVE YOU TOO! There are ways to heal and take the reins to our life, and live it fully with the truest kind of love there is; Self Love. Today, just take a minute to recognize that you are loved, and no matter what happens, this will never dissipate.

All my love,

Crysta Lyon


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