Have you felt or noticed the intense energy . . . It’s a hot topic right now

So many questions on the intense energies that have been felt and surrounding us. Maybe it has even caused doubt, anxiety, etc. On a LIVE I did, I talked about the full moon and its energies during this time. Believe me, if you’re thinking “what? the moon? really?” Yes!, really. I was not a believer until I started paying attention to my own vibration and noticing that a lot of people were feeling the same, that I was, at the same time. Which happened to correlate close to the full moon or on it. Astrology, energy, healing, it’s a thing! and many people have been picking up on the same vibrations. Not to mention the universal SELF-healing that has been going on for a while now. We could be ultra-sensitive at this point.

After I had mentioned this “energy” on facebook live, I had a flood of emails come in. So, I dug to find answers and a better explanation than I could give. Foreverconcious.com wrote a GREAT article on it HERE. It is a great read and you may resonate with its explanations and guidance on the healing aspects of it. I also read in another article that the healing abilities from the moon, can be felt and healed throughout the week, which is great news!

On the LIVE, I also talked a lot about the awareness of what surrounds us and what we partake in could have an effect on us. When the energies are this high and heavy, being gentle and doing things that are gentle to our mind, body and soul will help us find grounding, inner answers, solutions and that deep healing that our soul has been craving. Good yang to the universal ying.

Embrace change, as change is beautiful and inner growth is even more so


Crysta Lyon

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