Happy Valentines Day


Whether you celebrate Valentine’s day or not It can be somewhat rough when you miss someone that has passed away. Instead of seeking sadness I wanted this post to be dedicated to all the beautiful souls out there that we love and miss the most! Please feel free to post your shout out to that special someone. Remember they are here, they hear you, love you and thank you for all you do to remember them. You can write them a letter or close your eyes and spill your love for them. This is a great and healing way to connect

Mediumship Bonus: Did you know that our loved ones on the other side will use heart shapes, for a confirmation of their love and well being? It’s beautiful. When you allow your heart to see the signs, their will be a bounty of them, when we try to see with our mind or eyes, we miss plenty of them. (heart shapes can be made out of clouds, flowers, rocks, spills etc)

Have a beautiful peaceful and loving day.

Much Love & Light,