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Gift Certificates

We are so excited to announce that we have intergraded the old with the new. Last year we upgraded from paper gift certificates to e-cards, which were fantastic and very helpful. They were emailed and came with a code to apply towards anything that Crysta has to offer.  That was very convenient. The downfall that we have found is that it emails right away! So, for those who like to shop early, this was not an option. So, we have a solution. Our e-cards are through a 3rd party, but if you purchase one, and use your email as a receiver, you can then give us the code, and we can send you PDF file of the gift certificate with your person’s name and code for free. Or for $4 we can send you a physical gift certificate, and for $10 extra, we can send your gift certificate, with a Christmas card, from you! Making your shopping simple and stress-free. After purchasing the e-card, just email us at (Crysta@nomadicspiritualhealings.com) letting us know how you would like for us to help you.* Emailed PDF (FREE) – We will need your person’s name, to type on the gift certificate and we will send this to your email, within 24hrs, and you can just print it. Stick it in a card or a stocking. We suggest using thicker stock paper when printing.

*Physical Gift Certificate ($4, Mailed within the states only) – We will need the receivers name, for the gift card and your name and address or theirs, we will send this out right away. We advise for it to be mailed before December 15th to get it on time.

* The Full package ($10 extra) – We will mail a gift certificate and Christmas card from you, straight to them. We will need their name, address and message if you would like for us to include this into your card. We will take pictures of the card and note and send it to your email before we mail it out. We advise for it to be mailed before December 15th to get it on time.

* Email – This one is super simple after you pick your gift amount, it will ask for the receivers email address. Do note, that when you do this, it will email them right at that moment. 

IMPORTANT: Gift certificates can be purchased under availability, you will notice three tabs on the top ( Schedule, about and gift certificates) Click on gift certificates to buy. Only visible when on a P.C. (not mobile) The new e-cards are adorable!


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