(Frequently asked questions)


Do you have Video Chat available?

We do! This has been an amazing connection and has been so helpful to those who would like to put a face to the spiritualist / medium. You will find this option under virtual appointments. If you have been with us for a while, you will see that this has improved and changed. We now use a virtual meeting room. We have yet to have any issues. It is simple to use and if you do not want to sign up or download the program’s app, you can just copy the link that we send you and paste it into the browser. You will be instantly connected. You can even try this ahead of time to see how it works. We are ectstatic about this new change and are very grateful that it was shown to us.

I would like to purchase an appointment, without creating a paypal account

This is possible and even we have overlooked this button. We will post a picture below and you will notice the option for just paying credit or debit, without siging in. Simplifying the checkout.


I had an appointment, but I was not contacted at the time of my appointment

This happens due to not having your correct information. It is very important that you make sure that we have a phone number and email that you check and use often. If we do not have your correct contact info we can not get a hold of you. We have gone great lengths and research to get a hold of people and some times it is impossible. Due to the high volume of appointments, we communicate by email only. We have eliminated the Facebook sign up, to book an appointment in hopes that this will help with some of the issues in the past, by no being able to get a hold of anyone. It is vital that you email us and keep in contacts with us, if ever there is an issue, concern or cancellation.We are here to help you. Our email is crysta@nomadicspiritualhealings.com

When Are You Coming To Idaho . . . Montana. . . California etc.?

Crysta and her family did what a majority of us dream of, and traveled the entire country (TWICE!) with her husband and children in an R.V. It was beautiful and full of healing and enlightenment. She is now in FL, soaking up the kisses from the sun, writing books and just enjoying this time with her family. She occasionally travels but has slowed down drastically, there are no promises of travel. If she does make any trips, she will let the News Letter Holders know first (you can sign up here), and they get to pick appointment times, purchase tickets, etc. But, for now, she is doing most of her traveling virtually, this way she can be with her kids and husband and find a balance to help others as well. The virtual appointments started because her clients wanted appointments as she traveled and now with technology being so amazing, she has ways to talk with you securely and is using a program that is easy and pretty flawless, no matter the internet connection. She can also do parties this way as well. Which is a blast! If you are tech savvy, you can have her on your television, and it’s just like having her in your own home. This can all be booked and found under availability.


I have received an invoice, which I’m not sure about. What do I do?

It has been brought to our attention that someone is trying to profit off of Nomadic Spiritual Healings, LLC via email. DO NOT PAY ANY INVOICES BEING SENT TO YOUR EMAIL. WE ONLY HAVE ONE EMAIL. (crysta@nomadicspiritualhealings.com) there are other emails being generated EXAMPLE: office@nomadicspiritualhealings.com, document@nomadicspiritualhealings.com
We pride in our scheduling and payment system and never send out random invoices, especially under other emails. PLEASE DO NOT PAY THEM. If you have any questions, please email us directly. We only have one email. It’s unfortunate, but it’s the world we live in, and communication is vital. DO NOT OPEN, ANSWER, DOWNLOAD ECT OTHER EMAILS PORTRAYING TO BE OURS. EVERYTHING COMING FROM US DIRECTLY IS SAFE. SCHEDULING APPOINTMENTS ONLINE THROUGH OUR SITE IS SAFE.
We hope you have a beautiful weekend and please share with anyone that is associated with us. Thank you.
Crysta Lyon & Staff At NSH


Will you travel for events, benefits, parties, or to be with my loved ones as they are passing?

I will, and I do. If you email us at crysta@nomadicspiritualhealings.com I will give you more information and specifics on all these options.

My code on my Gift Certificate is not working

If this happens please go ahead and continue to book an appointment, just push PAY LATER and email us letting us know your name, which day and time you picked and your code. We will fix it on our end, and you will not be charged. If your finding that Crysta is booked out, please email us stating you have a gift certificate as you are VIP and will be bumped up at Crysta’s earliest appointment available.

UPDATED: We no longer carry paper Gift Certificates, it’s all electronic (E-Cards) and available under Availability Top right button Gift Certificate. Many beautiful card options. You can pick the particular picture, price and send it via email, even on a specific date. Or you can email it to yourself and copy the code and place it into a beautiful card or gift of your choice.


Do you clear homes or buildings of ghost?

I use to, I no longer offer this option. I, however, will give you ideas and helpful tips to clear your own home. If you feel uneasy about this idea or feel that the spirit or energy is evil, I recommend getting a hold of someone local who is trained in doing so.

There is a universal law with the “other side” that when we claim space (our home), they have to respect it and leave. So, just saying and stating that they are no longer welcome here, you need to go. Will make them disappear (you have to be direct and believe it entirely). Works every time.
However a lot of the times, what people are feeling is left over energy on the property, house or land ( sadness, anger, divorce, death, etc.) That needs to be cleaned as well, that will give us the feelings of being scared as would the house if it were to be “haunted.” To cleanse the house, you will think of the white light ( the white light that everyone talks about passing through when they pass, whiter and brighter then the sun) You will take this white light and imagine it going very deep through the property ground, you then will imagine it coming up through the ground, property, and every inch of the home, engulfing its entirety. Doing this cleanses all energy, Leaving only, love and happiness behind. After that you will ask for a safe home, property and land. You then will say out loud that this home is only intended for you and your family (if you want you can invite your family from “the other side” to be the ONLY ones that can be in the home. You then will imagine a protective bubble ( thick bubble) around your whole property and house. I always imagine it being pink, promoting love and growth. You then will say another prayer and ask for protection and that this space be a place of healing, love and growth. (you can put what ever intentions you would like in there). You can smudge, use crystals if you want, while doing this, but in my experience you don’t have to. Making the intention and boundaries are enough.

Why was my appointment canceled?

There could be a few reasons why . . .

1. your appointment was booked at the same time as someone else s, there should be another email following explaining this and another option.

2. (very common) You didn’t pay your invoice 24 hrs before your appointment. Everything is automated. If your invoice is unpaid, it will instantly cancel 24 hrs before your session. You will receive two invoice reminders via PayPal. If you have not received a PayPal invoice, it is very important to contact us. ALSO please make sure your email is updated. If we cannot get a hold of you, we will cancel your appointment.

How do I access a credit that I have with you?

Email us with your info. We have all this information held under your name if you have a credit. It never expires it is yours to use. If you’re wanting a refund, please email us with this request. NOTE: YOU MUST BE ON OUR RECORDS TO RECEIVE A CREDIT, NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN IF YOU ARE NOT ON OUR RECORDS.

Please email us at crysta@nomadicspiritualhealings.com

What is the difference between a medium and a psychic?

Psychics are individuals have the talent or skill to perceive information that is beyond the normal reach of the five senses and gain insight into the past, present, and future. This ability is also known as the “sixth sense” or psychic ability. Parapsychology experts refer to it as extra sensory perception (ESP).

Psychics can see, hear and feel the “unseen” or that which is beyond the normal range of human perception. These abilities are known as clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing) and clairsentience (feeling, sensing).

Psychics are best known for their ability to predict future events, but the usefulness of their talents go far beyond prophecy. The top psychics seldom make use of psychic tools like tarot cards, crystal balls or pendulums. Real psychics are not fortune tellers; they are gifted spiritual guides and teachers who can offer insight into some of life’s most difficult challenges.

Mediums or clairvoyants are spiritually gifted people who can communicate with discarnate entities or spirit beings. Some mediums specialize in communication with the spirits of loved ones who have passed away. This is also known as crossing over” into the afterlife; usually, a mediumship session involves messages from the “others side” supported by evidence to confirm that there is indeed life after death. Mediums are also conduits for other entities or beings, such as angels, spirit guides and ascended masters. Mediums who convey messages from such sources are also known as “channels”.

What is a Healing Session?

A healing session is where I connect with your energy and tell you what I see. It can go from stress to significant events that have happened in your life. Because we are all made out of energy when we experience something with a lot of emotion, it then stays in our energy system causing sadness, stress, anxiety and so on. I have learned by cutting cords and releasing this energy that we release our selves from being bound to the state of emotion. We then can be free and have a clearer picture of what our passion and path is in life.

Can you tell me my future?

I get asked that a lot and I say, no. Only because we are human and make choices every second of every day and that could change the direction of our path in a millisecond. I am gifted in feeling energy and can tell you what I “see” in your energy bubble.


Are you capable of having sessions with an interpreter?

Yes, I have done several parties and one on ones this way, there are no boundaries when it comes to receiving messages from our loved ones. The sessions flow the same and it’s a very beautiful experience.

Do you give free readings?
I do!! I have been known to schedule free events; it is always first to come, first to serve. If you subscribe to my newsletter, you will be informed early on when this happens. I also like to give away free sessions, stay on your toes. You never know when it will happen.


We do have discounts. A lot of the discounts are offered to News Letter Holders. If you look under avilability and Discounted sessions, you will find them there as well.

What if your availability doesn’t work with mine to book an appointment?

You can just email me at crysta@nomadicspiritualhealings.com and tell me which day and time you were thinking and I will try my best to accommodate you. Remember I make all appointments in MST (mountain standard time)

Can you do sessions in other countries? 

Of course! We do it all the time. Virtual (no fees, free and just need a computer and internet connection) and phone appointments (client is responsible for phone fees) worksgreat for this. Again, if you don’t see a time that works, you can contact us and we can see what we can do.