“Dream Time Is Real Time” With Our Loved Ones On The Other Side – Crysta Lyon


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Yes, it’s true! All those confirming and loving dreams are real. A lot of times, people will question if they had a dream, or if they just made it up. They will catch themselves almost in the sleep state, or coming out and questioning if it was made up. Those connections are very real; you are spending time with your loved one. You are holding them, hugging them, talking to them, and loving them. It is all happening. The only time I tell people that the dreams might not be what it seems to be, is if they are ever frightning, scary, or if they are walking away from us. This would be dream time with them, but our perception and our grieving is turning into a sad or frightning story. They never come through like that; they are not able to. Once they go through the light, it is beautiful. Their connections afterwords are always in a calming, beautiful way. If there are things to hash out, accept or apologize for, they will, but in a very loving way, as they no longer hold onto anything in a negative realm or tone.

If you are not remembering your dreams, this too, is very common and that’s because we are numb; we are grieving. We can barely feel ourselves, so being aware of their presence and or dreams is hard. So, they will go to other’s around you and encourage them to tell you about the encounter. A sure way to let you know that they are okay and also a way to help you balance, so that you can “feel” when they are around. Some times this can be very emotional, confusing, or even maddening that other’s are getting messages, but we are not. Please know this is normal, and what they just told you is a message for you. It is normal to be upset, but see it as beauty and love that they recognize that you can’t see right now, so they are going to do what ever it takes to say “I love you”, and “that I am okay.” That right there is very beautiful. These messages can come from strangers, or even people we don’t care for very much, but that’s what makes it even more special.

Hang in there and know that one day you will remember, and it will be beautiful. You both are learning a new way of contact, and that is through energy. It takes time, knowledge, and trust.

You can also make the intention ( intention is everything ) with your loved one, that when you have dream time together, that they can lightly wake you afterwords and you are then more likely to remember as it just happened. If they have details, directions, or anything you want to remember you can keep a journal or a phone by your bed to write or speak into, so you can remember all the details, especially if you plan to go back to sleep.

Dream time is beautiful, real, and such a loving way to connect with our loved ones. Allow it to be, and try to find balance within grieving to feel more. We will always grieve, but there are ways to awaken our senses so we can “feel” more. Also, never deny what you think you saw or felt, as I have never heard of anyone wrong when it comes to a sign they think they saw.

Sending my love,

Crysta Lyon


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