Do you follow the patterns of the full moon?

I remember at one point in my life thinking, how is it possible that the moon can help us? Change us? Expand our consciousness? Once I just paid attention and watched my thoughts and actions during and around a full moon, I realized that for me this was true and had a significant impact on me, as much as I didn’t think it was possible, there were several circumstances that had me on board. When I took the time to feel the energy of the moon, I realized it really could impact us in many ways. Not only that, I started realizing that the energy I was feeling was also being documented by others, that was pretty confirming for me. Energy is everything right?

This moon that just came last night felt like a big lift of hope and was bringing some pretty fabulous gifts, opening new doors, manifestations and helping us find our inner strength. I was thrilled about this energy and flow. I stared at the moon for a while last night, just allowing some quiet me time. This morning, I decided to pick three inspirational cards with the intention that the moons energy influenced the way I chose the cards.  I wanted you to determine what these cards meant to you or if they even resonate with the power you feel today. Sometimes simple confirmations make the most significant impact and help give us the confidence that we need, knowing that we are moving in the right direction.

I hope your week is beautiful, full of sunshine, honesty, and love. Have a good one.


Crysta Lyon

IMG_2900Side Note: I found the card “Chakra clearing” to be very interesting and almost shocking. Last night under the moon I was writing things down that I would like to release and manifest. Around each subject for releasing, I found myself drawing designs around each word. I thought it was so FASCINATING, that this morning I pull the chakra card, it states ” Call upon me to clear and open your chakras, using sacred geometric shapes.” Oh my gosh! I drew the sacred shapes. I did this without knowing, I just followed my heart and didn’t second guess what I was doing. It’s those little things that make me a true believer in all of this. I made a “map” to follow and help me release things that I have been holding on to. Beautiful! I had to share my personal experience, I hope this helps you to just follow your intuition and never second guessing what just comes naturally or feels right to you.  – Crysta Lyon

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