Coffee And Tea With Me

There is nothing better than sitting down and connecting with like-minded people over coffee and tea. Time to get personal, real and candid with Crysta. You will hear her unforgettable laugh, love her personality and fall in love with her realness. These talks will be open and flowing with the energy and direction of spirit. Every event will differ. You can find them filled with that weeks or months energy guidance, what she is energetically feeling, maybe even meditation and or maybe even a reading or two. Most of all, it will just flow exactly the way it is supposed to. There is no promise to what will be available, as it will be completely energetically and spiritually guided as we go. This live event will start out once a month and we will put more dates as we go.

  • This is a virtual event you can choose to watch, participate or just listen, YOU CAN EVEN JUST CALL IN (this is a NEW option). All is welcome. I look forward to the connection. 
  • We will send you the virtual link – It is easier than you may think, there’s an app for that! We can walk you through it, before the meeting.
  • There is a$5 fee per Sunday event. You can sign up for your dates down below and we will send you the link via email. If your email differs from the one in your PayPal, please email us at to let us know. When you get the link PLEASE click on it early and get it set up and familiarize yourself with the program. This is your responsibility, we will be available to assist in the days before the event not of or after. There will be no refunds even if you were unable to connect.
  • By purchasing a virtual seat you agree to our release and waiver found HERE at the bottom of the page HLDYCRYSTA


January 26, 2020

February 9, 2020

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