Chakra Clearing – Today’s Theme

Each day I wake there is an energy theme to the day. I started with myself and noticed that I needed to clear my own chakra’s. I did this with a self meditation, releasing all energy blocks and energy imbalances within each chakra. I felt better and felt freer than I did when I first woke up. As the day is progressing this seems to be the theme for others as well. We are all connected right? Just different perceptions and stories.

When our chakra’s are off / dirty / not lined, we can feel depleted, emotional, unbalanced, emotional or energetically confused, etc. To keep a high vibration of energy, we need to keep energetically as clean and as clear as we can. In the spiritual sense it is so important to manage these and keep them flowing.

Crysta Lyon

We now offer this meditation“Chakra Cleansing”. You can add it to any appointment. When booking online, look for the add-on, pull down menu when checking out.

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